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JKool 03-31-2005 05:26 PM

B&G Green Bay Packer Update
As per Scotty's suggestion, I thought I'd take a few moments to update B&Gers on the Packers.

1. Brett Farve will play again this season. I'm sure that isn't news to most of you, but this has been the greatest cause of concern among Packer fans. The general feeling is that everything will be fine if St. Farve straps on a helmet and hits the field this season. No real mention of his backups was immediately available (which I found surprising), so I have no news for JT fans.

2. While there were some major offseason departures, including their two starting guards and several defensive players, the general feeling is that the offense will be the same or better than last year. Will all the skilled positions filled by returning vetrans, the line looks to be solid. Two FA pickups solidify the line, in the view of the average packer fan.

3. In the upcoming draft, defense will be the focus. There is a need for LBs to play with Barnett, and a replacement for Sharper. In fact, the Pack currently has exactly 0 safeties on the roster. On the whole, the line is considered serviceable by most fans.

4. The Packers are still involved in FA, if only for backups. They are not looking at Safeties, since they feel there are no quality safeties left in FA. However, a number of LBs have been by to visit, including Simmons, whom we passed on.

5. Current team needs: FS, SS, MLB, OG, DE, backup DT, Backup S.

Does that seem to be what you had in mind Scotty? I could be a bit more detailed, if it is of interest to anyone.

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