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BeeoBee 04-01-2005 10:36 AM

AB for LEWIS!!!
Turn on your t.v. guys!!! ESPN is reporting that the saints are trading Brooks and our 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round picks in this years draft to the Ravens for Ray Lewis!! I don't know about all of those picks but I'll take it!! Let them worry about AB. WHO DAT!!!

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baronm 04-01-2005 10:41 AM

AB for LEWIS!!!
no april fools joikes please--plus that\'s not even a good trade.

BeeoBee 04-01-2005 10:44 AM

AB for LEWIS!!!
dude..its an april fools joke..of corse it isnt a good trade..lighten up bro

Tobias-Reiper 04-01-2005 10:51 AM

AB for LEWIS!!!

oh, yeah.. THAT\'s going to fool a lot of people.....

kojak 04-05-2005 12:23 PM

AB for LEWIS!!!

man i got excited for a minute


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