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D-buck47 04-02-2005 03:57 PM

My Mock Draft
In no way am I an expert. Just thought I'd do a mock and have some fun. Let me know what you think

1. San Francisico: Aaron Rodgers QB Cal. It comes down to Rodgers being the hometown guy. Also, he is more polished in the words of Head Coach Mike Nolan.
2.Miami Dolphins: Ronnie Brown Auburn. Best complete package at RB in this draft. RB is the biggest need in Miami
3.Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Projected trade with Cleveland):Braylon Edwards WR Michigan. Chucky moves up 2 spots to get his guy
4.Minnesota Vikings(projected trade with Chicago Bears): Mike Williams USC. Minnesota trades up to get a replacement for Randy Moss
5.Cleveland Browns: Alex Smith QB Utah. Cleveland moves down a few and still gets their guy
6.Arizona Cardinals(Projected Trade with Titans): Cedric Benson RB Texas. The workhorse Dennis Green has needed
7.Chicago Bears: Carnell Williams RB Auburn. Even with Thomas Jones in the fold, Williams is too good to pass
8.New Orleans Saints(Projected trade with Titans)Derrick Johnson LB Texas. Haslett moves up to get the best defensive playmaker in the draft
9.Washington Redskins:Antrel Rolle CB Miami. With the loss of Champ Bailey the are in nedd of a top tier corner
10.Houston Texans(Projected trade with Detriot Lions). Marcus Spears DE LSU. Spears is the perfect DE for the 3-4 scheme
11.Dallas Cowboys:Shawne Merriman LB Maryland.Should make an immediate impact in Dallas
12.San Diego: Alex Barron OT Florida State. Bookend Tackle bargain at this pick
13.Kansas City Chiefs(projected trade with Detriot Lions)Adam Jones CB West Virgina. K.C. moves up for possibly best CB in Draft
14.Carolina Panthers:Jamaal Brown OT Oklahoma. Excellent run blocker
15.Detriot Lions:Thomas Davis LB/S Georgia. Detriot gains a few picks and gets the guy they want
16.Tennessee Titans:Carlos Rogers CB Auburn.With so many losses this offseason they needed all the picks they could aquire.Still fill a need
17.Cincinnati Bengals:Travis Johnson DT Florida State. Marvis Lewis is thrilled to get the best DT in the draft
18. Minnesota Vikings:Erasmus James DE Wisconsin. With heath concerns with Udeze this is a smart value pick
19.St. Louis:Khalif Barnes OT Washington. Replaces Kyle Turley at RT
20.Dallas Cowboys: David Pollack DE Georgia. With Pollack and Merriman the Cowboys have revamped thier pass rush
21.Jacksonville Jaguars: Dan Cody DE Oklahoma. Nice value pick at 21.BPA
22.Baltimore Ravens:Troy Williamson WR South Carolina. Fills a huge need, should start alongside Derrick Mason
23.Seattle Seahawks. Daryl Blackstock. Losing Anthony Simmons and with Chad Brown never heathly this becomes top need
24.Green Bay Packers:Channing Crowder LB Florida. Risky pick, but I really think it's who they will take
25.Denver Broncos:Brodney Pool S Oklahoma. Value pick at 25, fills a need
26.New York Jets: Fabian Washington CB Nebraska. Workout Warrior selected here, because of blazing 40 time
27.Atalnta Falcons:Shaun Cody DT USC. Underrated DT could surprise
28.San Diego Chragers:Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma. Should start
29.Indianapolis Colts:Barrett Ruud LB Nebraska. Rob Morris is a free agent, Ruud will make a big impact
30. Pittsburg Steelers:Matt Jones WR/TE Arkansas. Burress leaves in free agency. WR is a need, now all 3 wideouts have played QB.Guy has freakish skills
31.Philadlphia Eagles:Roddy White WR UAB. Bye-Bye Freddie Mitchell
32.New England Patriots:Keith Burnett LB Tennessee. Will make move inside next year with Bruschi out

[Edited on 2/4/2005 by D-buck47]

[Edited on 2/4/2005 by D-buck47]

[Edited on 2/4/2005 by D-buck47]

FireVenturi 04-03-2005 01:10 PM

My Mock Draft
Overall prety not sure bout all the trades though.....i think chucky wants cadillac. I could see the Saints and titans trade happening though

D-buck47 04-03-2005 07:06 PM

My Mock Draft
I disagree, Clayton on one side, Edwards on the other would be too lethal to pass on. They need talent to surround Chris Simms with, and Arrington will be there in the second

LKelley67 04-03-2005 10:47 PM

My Mock Draft
it could be a big trading draft this season i agree. that is some kinda trade-o-rama ya got there tho. and you didnt tell what the proposed trades were exactly.

for example to have equal value for NO to move from #16 (1000pts) to #8 (1600pts) would require the saints also giving up the 2nd and 3rd rounders (550 & 180pts) and taking the titans 4th rounder (78pts). i think this very unlikely and would not like to see it either.

a close trade down value is NO #16 and #82 (1180pts) for the eagles #31, 35, & 146 (1183pts). #146 might be supplemental and could not be traded but i still like the idea.

most of the picks could easily happen tho. i think troy williamson will go higher tho- washington, dallas (especially if getting howard), san diego, or carolina.

mock on bruddah

D-buck47 04-04-2005 12:49 AM

My Mock Draft
Just having a little fun with it. Where did you get the chart that gives point values for the picks?Watch we\'ll end up taking David Pollack, he is a Georgia D lineman you know ;)

[Edited on 4/4/2005 by D-buck47]

LKelley67 04-04-2005 12:59 AM

My Mock Draft
several out there...

D-buck47 04-04-2005 07:45 AM

My Mock Draft
Thanks for the link

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