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LKelley67 04-03-2005 11:07 PM

Riley Back, Mayberry to Guard

Former Eagles guard Jermane Mayberry might be staying at guard after all.

When Mayberry signed with the New Orleans Saints, the plan was to move him outside to right tackle. Now, the team may re-sign tackle Victor Riley, who has not gotten the attention on the free-agent market he thought he would. If that happens, Mayberry would go back inside, where, when healthy, he is a Pro Bowl-caliber player.
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FireVenturi 04-03-2005 11:28 PM

Riley Back, Mayberry to Guard
U have got to be kidding me.....we are retarted. The only way i would keep him would be as a backup and for the league min..

no_cloning 04-04-2005 03:17 AM

Riley Back, Mayberry to Guard
Old news:

WhoDat 04-04-2005 09:09 AM

Riley Back, Mayberry to Guard
I don\'t know that this is actually all that bad. We\'d have on hell of an interior line. Three potential Pro Bowlers guard to guard. I also subscribe to Danno\'s theory that Riley is one of the few players on the team whose inconsistency can be predicted with as much clarity as Aaron Brooks\'. Good year, bad year, good year, bad year...

Given the fact that last year was a bad year, Riley is due a good one. If he plays like the beast he can be in good years, the line could be pretty solid. That\'s assuming that Gandy doesn\'t fall apart this year. That is something that I am not confident he will avoid.

IMO, the Saints best hope is to draft a LT high and hope he can develop very quickly. Then they could move Gandy to RT and maybe he could be serviceable for another couple of years.

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