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Steveh84 04-06-2005 02:36 PM

Crowder Overrated?
He had over one hundred tackles his freshman year. Thats pretty good for a true freshman. I am surprised he can do that since he can hardly walk with those knee problems he has. Someone said something about the Mississippi State game which he had 18 tackles and force fumble. He must be pretty damn good for all this talk about someone with bad knees, bad foot, and off the field problems. I am sure i will get quoted with that last statement. Another post stated that he was lazy I find that hard to believe since he had to work the year he was rehabing his knee before he went to Florida. He said he realized how much he missed football and would do anything possible to get back.

baronm 04-06-2005 02:49 PM

Crowder Overrated?
and mississippi state ran all over them...with their paltry offense.

crowder may indeed be good..but I don\'t think he\'s so much better that you don\'t have to worry about his past history of legal and physical problems....

thurman is pretty good as well..but same thing-a defense that should have been much better than it was..and pollack was the only standout player on the georgia D...

of the three top ILB..Ruud is the only one who 1. doesn\'t have a serious history of off the feild problems, 2. have a serious history of health problems, and 3. is marked by all scouting publications as the ILB with the best feel for the game and 4. may actually be there at 40...

the first two won\'t be there,a nd would be a major\'ll say this-I\'ll be pleased as long as we get a linebacker..but..a player who before they get rich is cited as immature and should have stayed in school (crowder) and a player who can\'t follow team rules (thurman) don\'t exactly thrill me. but then again--i\'m just a guy who watched college football for fun, not cause I got paid for it.

Steveh84 04-06-2005 03:45 PM

Crowder Overrated?
So you blame Crowder for the performance of the whole defense. If you blame one person for the failure of one side of the ball then you must have thought very highly of them at one time. So he must have had a hell of a game when he beat LSU in Death Valley. So as a true Freshman he took down the tigers all by himself by your logic.

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