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Marvinb6 02-11-2003 08:01 AM

Saints Draft 03
After another late season collapse and 5 draft picks in the first 3 rounds, What do you think the Saints should use theses picks on? Do they have enough salary cap room to sign all of these high draft pics after having 2 number one picks last year? Are there enough quality defensive players entering the draft this year to significantly upgrade what everyone agrees is the weakest part of the team? Should the Saints package a few of these high picks to trade up to a top 5-10 pick? It would be interesting to know what others are thinking on this topic.

lumm0x 02-11-2003 03:09 PM

Saints Draft 03
I think we definitely have room to sign all of these picks. Joe Horn is really putting the heat on the Saints to lock him into a better deal. That would eat up alot of money though. I would make sense to package picks if they want to get that deal out of the way, and I totally agree with doing it as he has put his money where his mouth is.
I really like Kyle Turley and love players that play with passion, but there is a definite rift between him and most of the team, Aaron Brooks in particular. If the texans seriously want him and would be willing to swap from their spot to one of our mid-round spots and take Turley off our hands, we are in position for one of the best players in the draft. We could then take a guy like Terrance Newman at CB and use one of extra 3rds to move up from 17 or 18 and grab a LB like Henderson, Pierce or Hayes if we had to.
The money saved by Turley would open up the Horn discussions, allow room to go after a respectable OT like Blake Brockenmeyer as a band aid solution, and sign all of our 2003 picks.

Best case scenario of course is everybody we already have gets along and commits to making this thing into a winner.

BuffordT 02-11-2003 05:28 PM

Saints Draft 03
I like the Turley - Texan trade, and swap 1st round slots. Not that we would be really getting a first round pick, but I think we have a better shot at getting a premier player, not just another first rounder.
I guess the feud between Turley and Aaron is something about leadership. Leadership is not handed over like a basket of goodies, ask Brian Griese. A leader steps in, takes charge, and never looks back. If Aaron isn\'t emerging as a leader, it\'s his problem, not Turleys.
Jake doesn\'t seem to have leadership problems......too bad he\'s leaving.

D_it_up 02-11-2003 05:54 PM

Saints Draft 03
Good thinking, lumm0x. Of the two current Saints that the team is trying to extend their contracts, Joe Horn would be a no-brainer. Turley is a great physical specimen on the O-line, but Joe Horn is THE MAN. If I were GM, I\'d definitely concentrate more on Horn than Turley, then get a LT in the draft, and sign another above-average veteran LT to groom the rookie. Trading Turley for a higher pick would be wise because it\'d give us a great chance at picking up a top defensive player where the Saints are definitely lacking. I\'d like to also see them take a chance on maybe a TE (Kellen Winslow, Jr.....FAT CHANCE), and later in the draft another HB that could spell Deuce if he gets hurt or needs a rest, ala McGaha (if still available) or even Dominick Davis. Defense is not necessarily the focal point in the draft, as long as the Saints are big players in free agency.....and for their sake, let\'s hope they are.

FWtex 02-11-2003 06:39 PM

Saints Draft 03
I don\'t think the Turley trade with Houston would happen but I will weigh in my thoughts anyway. I think this would be a horrible deal for New Orleans. If I understand this correctly this trade would have us swap one of our first round picks with Houston and also give houston Turley? Turley on his own is worth a first round pick but in this situation the saints would have to use one of their two 1st on a Turley replacement so their is no real gain. I do think the saints are in a great position to \"play\" the draft and pick up additional picks this year or invest in additional higher picks for next year.

lumm0x 02-11-2003 08:20 PM

Saints Draft 03
Just to clarify, my thought on the Turley trade with Houston did not end with a swap of 1st rounders. My thought was the deal is worth say another late rounder or possibly an option to swap first again next season. Alternatively, an idea similar to the Bledsoe deal would be their first pick next year, nothing this season. I really can\'t see the Texans improving much as far as record in 2003-2004.

lumm0x 02-11-2003 09:12 PM

Saints Draft 03
Now I just read that the Texans just restructured Tony Boselli\'s deal and he anticipates playing this year. I\'m sure that rules out any Turley deal with them. Denver is still very interested however.

nocloning 02-12-2003 07:11 AM

Saints Draft 03
I don\'t like trading Turley. He\'s one of the premier left tackles in the game and those are hard to find. He seems at least willing to work out his problems with the organization (the problems with AB are a completely different thing I\'m sure) and we should not let him go if there is a chance he\'ll sign a deal. If he takes the approach that he plays out his contract for better or worse and then gets out of here next year it may be a good idea to trade him. But at least work hard at a new contract - I believe that\'s what the front office is doing.
Picks #17 and 18 are not too bad. Even without a trade there\'s a good possibility that some very good defensive players are still available. Don\'t give up too much to move up six or seven spots.

BuffordT 02-12-2003 12:03 PM

Saints Draft 03
I agree that it would be a little \"light\" if we traded Turley and swap a spot. I had a moment. How about a swap with Denver for Olandis Gary or Mike Anderson, and a pick?
As much as I like the guys intensity, it is missplaced alot. That being said, I hope to make it to a game this year (first pro game) and watch him tear someone\'s helmet off with head still in it.

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