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LKelley67 04-07-2005 09:50 AM

Draft Coming Into Focus
This has been one of the most interesting drafts to speculate about since the upper tier has been less defined than usual. The next level has several players at different positions that are moreless "pick'em" with little difference. There could be more trades than ever this year because of teams desire to move down or maybe less because they cannot get anyone to give them the high end value needed. With trades not being considered since they are even more speculative, I have finally come to what I think is a solid top 9 picks. These you can move around in different order but with teams maintaining their current picks I believe these nine will go first-
A Rodgers QB, A Smith QB, B Edwards WR, M Williams WR, R Brown RB, C Benson RB, C Williams RB, D Johnson LB, and A Rolle CB. The highest chance of falling is Cadillac Williams, particularly if AZ nabs Travis Henry from the Bills. The most likely to move into the top 9 are CB's Pacman Jones or Carlos Rogers and possbibly Troy Williamson.

That leaves 6 picks before NO at #16. Assuming the 9 named are gone and analysing the needs of the next teams before the Saints I expect this:
--Pacman Jones and Carlos Rogers gone. The #4 rated CB is highly likely to be available. Take your pick- Marlin Jackson, Justin Miller, Fabian Washington, or Bryan McFadden. If they wanted a corner though one of these or Corey Webster could be around at #40
--Alex Barron gone. Probably one more OT picked too. High possibility of either Jammal Brown or Khalif Barnes available. I would be happy to see them take either.
--Three spots from 10-15 should be filled from WR's Clayton, Williamson, White or pass rushers Merriman, Spears, Cody, Pollack which have little impact on NO
--I think they could have the pick of the litter of DT's- Johnson, Castillo, or Cody. I like Castillo most but would prefer a trade down before him at #16. Cody is too much like Young and there are too many questions about Johnson for my liking.
--Tweener Thomas Davis is likely to be available unless Detroit or KC rates him at the best defensive player available at their turns. He could be a nice score or he might be a bit of a project getting him settled into his best position.
--Whoever you rank as the #2 LB should be on the board. i'd rather see a trade down than stretch one of them up though. Kevin Burnett is the best exception to that imo.

Sum total, not a lot new in expectations for #16- OT Brown or Barnes, a CB, DT Castillo or Johnson, Thomas Davis or Kevin Burnett. None of those would disappoint me. Are you praying like me though that they don't try to outsmart the rest of the league with the first pick? I believe in BPA but cannot see a OG, c, QB, TE, WR, or another DE at #16 regardless.

baronm 04-07-2005 09:59 AM

Draft Coming Into Focus
the more I hear about barnes-the less I like him with a first the more I hear about castillo-the more I like him as a first rounder.

burnett or davis wouldn\'t bother me either.

I could live with a cb, johnson, thurman or crowder..though I think we could get a cb, or the two other linebackers in the second-maybe with some manuevering.

what worries me is that the team in front of us, and most of the teams behind us will probably be drafting defense.

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FireVenturi 04-07-2005 11:47 AM

Draft Coming Into Focus
I would like Jammal Brown or Thomas Davis. I am not high on Barnes either, but i have a bad felling the Saints will take a hard look at him At #16

baronm 04-07-2005 11:55 AM

Draft Coming Into Focus
here\'s some rumors that could help us out:


If the Browns pass on a signal caller in the first round look for them to target Jason Campbell of Auburn at the top of round two as their quarterback of the future. Also, the Green Bay Packers have taken a liking to Akron\'s Charlie Frye and could make a move for him come April 23rd.
number three is way to high for cambell..but 40 isn\'t....maybe howard and 40 for the 3 and something else?


It appears there is some movement on the Charles Woodson front and he could be traded soon after all. A free agent who the Raiders used the Franchise tag on, Oakland is looking to move their star corner and the two teams that appear to be most interested are Kansas City, if they can\'t complete a deal for Patrick Surtain, and New Orleans, who would likely deal another unhappy Franshised player in Darren Howard. With the action heating up don\'t be surprised if Charles Woodson has a new home by the end of draft weekend.

this si what we\'ll proably do though


The Dallas Cowboys are looking to acquire additional selections and could trade down from one of their first round picks to further that effort. In fact, they may not even be adverse to dealing the #20 pick for a future first rounder in 2006.
our next years first for the #20?


There is no truth to the rumor that West Virginia\'s Adam \"Pac-Man\" Jones turned out a dirty urine sample at the Combine and according to his representatives the person who started the rumor is actually the agent for another top cornerback prospect. Unfortunately these types of things are to be expected at this time of the year. However, there is talk that Jones could be slipping anyway due to some concerns about his height as well as the rise of Antrel Rolle. Don\'t be shocked if Jones lands in the 9-15 range when all is said and done.
pac man moving back up the charts? Rolle may just be there when we pick cause rogers is moving up and so is Pac man.

this is all from

heres\' some more:


#1 San Francisco 49\'ers - I\'d call this 80/20 in favor of Aaron Rodgers over Alex Smith, with Braylon Edwards getting attention only in hopes of getting a team to bite on a trade package. The Niners would love to move down a little and pick up Rodgers a later but I don\'t see a deal being out there that would make taking that risk worthwhile, at least at this point. A darkhorse here if they move down is Miami CB Antrel Rolle, who the team has liked for a long time.

#2 Miami Dolphins - Nick Saban is all about adding additional Day One selections but with the Patrick Surtain deal with Kansas City likely to get done they might be less inclinced to trade down from this spot. Right now Ronnie Brown is probably their guy if they stay here with the two quarterbacks being Plan B, but if they are able to move down watch out for Cedric Benson and Cadillac Williams. One way or another look for the Dolphins to come out of round one with a top runner.

#3 Cleveland Browns - There is no doubt that in a perfect world the Browns would like to trade down and choose a little later but if they are forced to stay put and make a pick I think it will be Alex Smith, although Braylon Edwards is a legitimate candidate for them as well. If they do move down they could still potentially land one of the top two signal callers later in the Top 10 while names like Marcus Spears, Shawne Merriman and Antrel Rolle would also then come into play as well.

#4 Chicago Bears - If I were the Bears there is no doubt I would nab Braylon Edwards with this pick but from what I am told they actually prefer Mike Williams over the latest star wideout from the Michigan Wolverines. I continue to hear rumblings that Cedric Benson is the guy the team wants to be the workhorse of their offense though so I would call him the favorite here, followed closely by Mike Williams. Ronnie Brown would also be a strong possibility if he falls this far.

#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - This pick will be either a running back or wide receiver and if my sources are correct the choice will be Mike Williams if he is still on the board. After that guys like Cadillac Williams and Cedric Benson will get consideration but Gruden is gushing about Mike Williams so as of now I would say this is about as much of a lock as we have in the Top 5-10 overall picks, but at the rate things are going I would say it\'s 50/50 he is available.

#6 Tennessee Titans - Right now this is probably the hardest pick in the Top 10 to peg because the Titans have so many needs. In all honesty the Titans could very well select any of the following players who I am hearing in conjunction with this pick (in alphabetical order): Alex Barron, Cedric Benson, Braylon Edwards, Derrick Johnson, Antrel Rolle, or Mike Williams. From what I am hearing recently though the team is very concerned about the o-line so I will go out on a limb and say Barron for now.

#7 Minnesota Vikings - When the trade of Randy Moss went down it looked like a foregone conclusion that at least one of the top two wideouts would still be available here. However, right now that looks very doubtful at best so if the Vikes want Edwards or Williams they will need to deal up, possibly with Miami or Cleveland. Also, word is Mike Tice actually prefers Mike Williams over Braylon Edwards. If not a receiver here look for a running back like Cedric Benson or Cadillac Williams.

#8 Arizona Cardinals - Almost everyone just assumes this pick will be a running back and while that could still very well be the case the guy I am told Denny Green loves is Antrel Rolle. Cornerback is actually an even greater need for the Cards than a runner so if Rolle is still available I think he will be the pick, with the team then targeting a guy like J.J. Arrington in round two (who they also like) or possibly Travis Henry in a trade. Mark it down, Rolle to Arizona if he is there.

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LKelley67 04-07-2005 12:28 PM

Draft Coming Into Focus
i\'ve read in several places GB is liking frye more n more as a farve replacement.

if cleveland likes jason campbell for their 2nd rd pick i wont be surprised to see them go edwards or dj

definitely the move down draft this year. only prob is to move down ya gotta find a trade partner that wants to move up. many times that isnt until draft day when a particular player targeted drops to an affordable trade level.

i\'ve read rogers moving up the most of the cb\'s. i think he or rolle first. but with pacman the definite top 3- and all likely gone by #16.

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