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baronm 04-07-2005 01:51 PM

mel kiper says:

Quinten (Tampa, FL): Another big jump we saw was Carlos Rodgers. What gives?

Mel Kiper: (2:05 PM ET ) He's one of the three corners --Rolle, Jones and Rodgers have all been bunched together and all deserve a very good grade. I have Carlos going No. 17 to Cincy right now in my projection.

JB, KC: the Chiefs need coverage more than pressure it would seem. Why wouldn't a CB, such as Jones or possibly Rogers, if he slips, be a better pick than someone such as a Ware like you have projected now?

Mel Kiper: (2:21 PM ET ) Because your corners are limited by the rules as to how good they can be. Pressure on the QB wins every time as opposed to good corners exposed who become mediocre corners with these rules in place. The fastest rising DE in this draft is DeMarcus Ware.

Tom (Detroit, MI): Mel, love your work man! Can the Lions really justify taking Alex Barron over Derrick Johnson if both are sitting there at 10?

Mel Kiper: (2:23 PM ET ) At that point, you have to take the best available player. At No. 10, you can get the 6th or 7th player available in the draft and Derrick Johnson would be the best available player -- whether or not he fufills a key need area. While he doesn't look like a hole filler, he will upgrade that defense. He has a chance to be a special player if he can jack up that intensity -- Ray Lewis, Junior Seau style -- IF he gains some ferocity.

Tim (Austin, TX): Captain Kiper: who is the one player no one is talking about but every GM has circled on their list? Who are us fans overlooking?

Mel Kiper: (2:37 PM ET ) Yeah, there are a couple guys -- Matt McCoy an OLB from SAn Diego State will go in the second round. Roydell Williams a WR out of Tulane was also very much lost in the shuffle. Ironically both of these guys were NOT invited tothe combine workouts and both will be second rounders. Williams to Houston in the second round and McCoy to Seattle in the second round are my projections.

Adam (Lawrence, KS): Hey Mel! I heard you say on the radio this past weekend that Crowders stock is droppin, however not many others seem to share your opinion. Why has he dropped on your board so much and what round do you expect him to be drafted

Mel Kiper: (2:38 PM ET ) He's had some past knee injuries, those are a concern for me. I wonder about his durability at the pro level. This has pushed him into the third or fifth round area for me.


Ron (Shrewsbury): Adrian McPherson seems to me like he could be the steal of the draft, what round do you see him in, and can he start in the NFL...keeping in mind (Quinn,Krenzl and Charlie Batch are still in teh league)

Mel Kiper: (2:40 PM ET ) What he did in the arena league really gave him some experience and maturity. He'll enter the NFL as a 21 yr old rookie. He's big and he's athletic, I think he could go in the third or fourth round though some are guessing a little higher than I am.

bryant (slidell): mel who do yu see the saints going after with the 16th pick

Mel Kiper: (2:44 PM ET ) Saints have to look at Thomas Davis from Georgia the LB -- Hasslett was an LB. That's a nice pick and real good fit for New ORleans.
Please let itr be so...and I'd rather boley from southern miss--played against better competition.

LKelley67 04-07-2005 02:01 PM

mel kiper says:
LKelley67 (Baton Rouge): Mel, I think you are an amazing talking head. How can you keep a gig like that with hair worse than Jimmy Johnson?

baronm 04-07-2005 02:06 PM

mel kiper says:
too funny..

FireVenturi 04-08-2005 12:02 AM

mel kiper says:
Fire Venturi(LaPlace): Hey Mel ,why do you sway back and forth on the same guys?...couldn\'t be gettin the wallet padded hey! Oh and u suck!!

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