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Deuce doesn't help the offense much?!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Deuce is a very good back. Who would argue that? I guess because he can be a great back. Some people feel he underachieved last year....

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Deuce doesn't help the offense much?!

Deuce is a very good back. Who would argue that?
I guess because he can be a great back. Some people feel he underachieved last year.
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Deuce doesn't help the offense much?!


Stats are relative because they are affected by things that happen in a game.
I think I just misunderstood you and that we agree.

Usually, when people say something is \"relative\" they mean \"subjective\" - which means depends on the individual. You meant \"relative\" to mean \"related to some other important facts\". We agree. Thus, my view is that stats can be employed to show many different things because they are an impoverished description of what happened (and that seems to be your view as well).

Of course, I don\'t think stats are useless as a result. We just have to take some care in providing a detailed interpretation along with them.

The Tebucky example is an excellent one. No one should think he is a productive and sharp defender because of his 100 tackles, although a guy with that many tackles is often taken to be those things. It is a fact that T-buck had 100 tackles, but the other facts, like he is a FS and we had rookie and journeymen LBs, should be included in an interpretation of that stat.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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Deuce doesn't help the offense much?!

I don\'t know how much Deuce underachieved last year as he still went over 1000 yards rushing after missing two games and most of another with an injury, which he returned from too quickly. He also was sulky about a new offense he did not like(pessimist ). lol So had he been healthy all 16 games we may be talking about 1300-1400 yards from him, and noone would be thinking he underachieved, even though he openly discussed his dislike of the new offense. I think he is a sulker more than an underachiever. But that\'s just me. He needs to find a way to be motivated regardless of the situation, which is a credit to Joe Horn cause he actually does that. If Deuce should find that formula, he will be fine.
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Deuce doesn't help the offense much?!

The only problem I have with Deuce are his injuries. For 2 years in a row, Deuce has gotten injured and it\'s really affected his game. The knock on Deuce coming out of college was that he was injury proned.

The other thing I have a problem with (and it\'s not really related to Deuce) is that we do not score enough on the ground.

There are all kinds of reasons why we can\'t run the ball in the endzone. Like: Penalties in the redzone, playing from behind, etc., ect., ... but Deuce doesn\'t get in the endzone like the other top backs in the NFL.

We need more TD production from our RB. It\'s that simple.
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Deuce doesn't help the offense much?!

Man, it amazes me what \"some fans\" think.

Billy doesn\'t want to focus on the defense, which is clearly the problem with this team. Think that the Saints are going to get anywhere with the 32nd ranked D?
Well let\'s see .....

A little used stat in the 08 arsenal is T.O.P.

Let\'s see what the numbers were for the first 5 ranked defenses ......

Pittsburgh - 34:00
Buffalo - 30:21
Washington - 31:19
Denver - 32:38
Tampa - 29:43

Where is the Saints offense ????

Saints 28:18 ....... :shrug:

If the Saints were sittin in the 34:00 range , would the defense be ranked 32nd ???
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