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LordOfEntropy 04-10-2005 12:34 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
Not good.

Saints | McKenzie Boycotting Offseason Workouts - from
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 08:43:10 -0700

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports New Orleans Saints CB Mike McKenzie is not attending the team's offseason conditioning program. While the program is voluntary, players are expected to participate unless they have an injury. He is believed to be boycotting it at a request of his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who is looking for a long-term deal for McKenzie.

Danno 04-10-2005 01:03 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
Carlos Rodgers

dberce1 04-10-2005 01:33 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....

He is believed to be boycotting it at a request of his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who is looking for a long-term deal for McKenzie.
Greeeeeeeaaaaaat. That guy is the bain of all agents.

BreesFN9 04-10-2005 02:38 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
To all Agents out there!

Can\'t we just play football?

WhoDat 04-10-2005 03:09 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
I guess we better hurry up and trade Howard so we can give this guy the top 5 money his agent is going to demand, huh? LOL.

I guess it is very hard for me to expect to keep McKenzie, Howard, Horn, Bentley, Grant, Deuce, Stallworth, Brooks, etc. All are either in or nearing contract years (i.e. within the next 2 years). And moving Howard alone won\'t do it.

I\'m not surprised. I knew this time would come. That\'s why I was a maniac the last two years or so about the Saints needing to make the playoff push immediately. After this year, I think that this team will start hemorrhaging talent.

To me, this is why at some point you have to say - OK, this is it. Let\'s blow some cash and get a few studs and take our shot.

frankeefrank 04-10-2005 05:25 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
Teams lose talent all the time,
Knowing which players to let go and which to keep is the key.
In regards to MM, remember last year?
Only one team wa wiling to take him, the Saints.
I doubt much has changed...MM has no bargaining power if he\'s at all thinking of holding out.

If he does, we ship him.

saintswhodi 04-10-2005 06:24 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
McKenzie and his agent are just making a point. He had Plax B do the same thing in Pittsburgh last year. When the mandatory camps came around, Plax was right there. All they are doing is playing the hey don\'t forget us card. I don\'t think it\'s a big deal yet.

LordOfEntropy 04-10-2005 06:44 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
Stay tuned for another surprising episode, as the NFL soap opera continues....

Not sure which is worse, the NFL or \"As the Stomach Turns\".

FireVenturi 04-10-2005 11:43 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
I know one thing.......we need MM!!!!! ANybody know what kind of $$$$$ he is askin.

LKelley67 04-11-2005 12:06 PM

McKenzie boycotting workouts....
----------can the threads be merged when there are two about the same thing going on simultaneously?

i think MM is affordable. smoot got 34.8mil for 6 yrs including a 10.8mil signing bonus. rolle got 30.5mil for 6 yrs including the 11mil signing bonus. mc is good but probably a notch down from those.

getting charles woodson... now that is another matter!

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