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Marvinb6 02-12-2003 07:59 AM

Erickson in San Fran ?
Dennis Erickson now the coach in San Francisco? Does anyone remember his tour of duty in Seattle? He's shown he can win in the college ranks but as so many college coaches have found out the hard way, winning in collegs doesn't translate towinning in the NFL ! Any guesses on how long he lasts?

Marvinb6 02-12-2003 08:11 AM

Erickson in San Fran ?
Gatorman , I was thinking the same thing ! Now we get to be in the division with the world champs and the most exciting player in the NFL !! What luck !

lumm0x 02-12-2003 08:43 AM

Erickson in San Fran ?
I will always rub my hands together maniacally to get to see San Fran lose. Whether they are in our division anymore or not I\'m sure all of you can agree it\'s nice to see them get stomped on whenever possible.

You were totally correct Gatorman, in saying that he has a late start and has no staff. He will definitely not produce like Mariucci did and moreover, they dropped the ball huge letting him leave.

Marvinb6 02-13-2003 07:20 AM

Erickson in San Fran ?
The mighty 49ers scraping the bottom of the whiskey barrel and coming up with Dennis Erickson? There really is a God ! Now, if the Rams could just fire Martz and hire Ditka !! Hopefully we get play them both this season ?

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