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rodjmaw 02-12-2003 08:49 PM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
Am I the only saint fan that believe the saints should pick Rashean Mathis w/one of the 1st rd picks

Marcus Trufant & Terrance Newman both will be gone & Andre Woolfolk is just not better than Mathis. Mathis has the speed, size, and the experience to be the best corner in this draft. What do you think?

pakowitz 02-12-2003 10:54 PM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
i dont really know much about mathis but how can u say woolfolk isnt better then him? woolfolk has only been playing corner for a year. thats right, 1 year!! he was a wide reciever before that, and he is a very good corner at the moment, what do u think he will be when he gets some experience at the position

rodjmaw 02-13-2003 06:49 PM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
Did you see the senior bowl? The guy is not fast & how can anyone say how well he going to play if it is a new position for him? I\'ll prefer the saints to pick up a DT & LB if they don\'t want to take a chance on possible the best corner of this draft.

rashean mathis info

you heard it from me watch this guy become the best corner in this draft

rodjmaw 02-14-2003 05:50 PM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
:yltype: So what do you guys think?

lumm0x 02-14-2003 06:24 PM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
His write up in your link resembles the scouting reports on Mel Mitchell from last year. He also seems alot like Roosevelt Williams from last years draft; very talented division 2 player that must prove he can make the jump to the elevated play level.
The truth is the draft is a crap shoot and he may be a fantastic player or he may be a bust. The only question is assessing his value at our draft position, which can only come after his combine grade is set by our scouts.

Personally I don\'t like the value of a CB at our 1st pick level if Trufant and Newman are gone. Either of those guys would be a steal at these picks of 17 or 18 but that shouldn\'t happen. We have some talent in Keyou Craver to develop, Fred Thomas (IMO) is a great nickle corner and good starter that is getting better every year, and Dale Carter is here for another year for sure. I would rather spend some coin on a CB who can step in and start for a year or two and get a project corner with a second or third round pick to add depth. Fakhir Brown looked very capable as well when he was on field last year. The only name other than Chris McAlister that stands out as potential starter on the FA CB list is Dre Bly and I\'m no major fan of his though. Weak year for Free Agents at CB.

crapshoot03 02-15-2003 12:06 AM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
I think that is Woolfolk is there at 17 the Saints should nab him. he\'s only played one year of corner and under the tutilage of dale carter he could become special..that of course depends what free agents they sign and with all the glaring needs of the defense that\'s anybody\'s guess... i jsut hope the saints sign Spikes or Brookings (word is he may be available) ... or another quality mlb.. claiborne or even randall goddfrey from the titans... what do u think of him?.... saints also need a stud dt and jonathon sullivan would be a good pick.... he could make much more of an impact as a rookie than cold a safety or linebacker .. comments?

lumm0x 02-15-2003 09:32 AM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
Definitely. Our young LBers need a leader, either by play and passion like Spikes, or more vocal like Brookings, they need someone to direct them. Clairbourne and Godfrey are both good as well, Claiborne has way more upside and Godfrey\'s on the downhill side of his career now. Truth is I\'d clap at the signing of anyone of them. We also need a playmaking, collapse the middle DT. Hand just seemed to get locked up last year, no pressure and no ability to shed when the run comes by. Jackson seemed to have decent push and showed signs he was playing with a little fire under his butt.

Drafting a DT would be very good as their is almost no DTs in FA this year unless some start getting cut for cap space. I don\'t think a Chester McGlockton or Sam Adams is financially the path to take when you could just force Hand into a pay cut and retain someone who already knows your defense and should be more determined to change the direction his career is heading. I really would promote using those mid picks at ILB and DT. Granted Woolfolk has some incredible talent but like you say, he\'s a few years away and do we really want him picking up anything from Dale Carter? IMO Dale is the guy they tell to man a side and don\'t talk to people. The message he sends to people is it\'s okay to deviate from league rules because the big paycheque will still be there and someone will always pay because \"you have talent\".

crapshoot03 02-16-2003 12:36 AM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
I agree with you on Dale Carter about his OFFIELD antics.. let\'s face it if he wasnt so talented his ties with the nfl would have been severed long ago... but i really do think the saints are hoping for maybe a couple of more good years out of him... he has plenty left but he\'ll be getting up in age by then.. that\'s why i think we really need Woolfok ,, ok or any good young corner who can learn the position from Carter... i mean how can a young db not pick up tons from this wise that is... word is the saints are thinking of making keyou craver a safety (which is a brilliant idea).. so we really need a young player at cb ..... i just hope Loomis is smart and doesn\'t screw it all up lol

lumm0x 02-16-2003 10:19 AM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
My only question with Craver moving to saftey is will he be physical enough for that position? I thought he was amazing value when we drafted him, but he would be a good mix in the safety question.

rodjmaw 02-16-2003 07:52 PM

Rashean Mathis #17 or #18
I figure this saints fan if the saints don\'t pick Rashean Mathis they should go with a DT & LB. They can always get a quality CB in the 3rd rd like Drayton Florence, Ivan Taylor,or Charles Tillman

I am just thinking that Rashean Mathis is the real deal.

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