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FireVenturi 04-14-2005 11:19 PM

NFL Contract
Alright guys, I am bout to speak out on this issue. People have said how selfish a McKenzie is or a T Owens is. I don't understand it....and here is why. An NFL Team does not have to honor a contract..right. If ur not sure, see the Lawyer Milloy situation a couple of years ago, but NFL teams get frustrated with guys when they hold out. All the guy is doing is making sure he gets his; because with the way the organizations treat contracts they are not guaranteed anything(except a signing bonus)!! I used to be on the other side of the fence on this.. as far as calling these guys(players) selfish. Now...i dont think it is as bad as cutting somebody a few days before the season, or before a roster bonus is due. So my whole point to this is.....who is really the selfish one, the organization or the players?

no_cloning 04-15-2005 02:11 AM

NFL Contract
The signing bonus makes all the difference. Even if a player gets cut, he has already been paid (somewhat) for the season and may be able to find a new team that pays him even more.
I refrain from calling McKenzie selfish, because if the rumours are true - and I don\'t know what Mickey promised him - and you\'re told you need not worry about a contract extension/reworking and when it comes down to it the GM goes back on his word ... skipping voluntary workouts and keeping yourself fit on your own is an okay reaction.
Owens though ... the Eagles helped him out of the Ravens situation and he signed a contract for a little less than market value ARGUABLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO PLAY FOR A CONTENDER. He promised them he wouldn\'t be the troublemaker he is known to be. After one season, probably the best ever of his career, he now wants to renegotiate. Zero respect for him.

Take Sullivan and Owens: If a player has a bad season and a huge signing bonus, the team just has to keep him. There\'s really no bargaining power on their side.
If a player has a great season, he threatens to hold out unless he is paid accordingly.

Just play for the measly 42 million and stop bickering.

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