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LKelley67 04-15-2005 10:36 AM

Top 40
8 days on the countdown, I'll be busy over the weekend so here's my one week till mock-

1. SF- Aaron Rodgers QB
they wanna trade down but cannot find a partner
2. MIA- Ronnie Brown RB
right position, right player, no surprise
3. MINN (from Cle)- Braylon Edwards WR
they forsee missing the top 2 WR. trade #7 and #49 (2nd) for #3 and #106 (4th) Randy who?
4. CHI- Cedric Benson RB
tough decision between him or M. Williams, He looks like a tough Chicago back.
5. TB- Mike Williams WR
a dynamic duo teamed with Clayton for N.O. corners to cover
6. CLEV (from Tn)- Alex Smith QB
TN wants to trade down, Clv and Arz both bid to assure getting Smith. Cleve wins by giving a 4th #103 and TN still gets who they want at #7
7. TN (from Cle via Mn via Oak)- Antrell Rolle CB
one Rolle replaces another
8. ARZ- Pacman Jones CB
we'll see who turns out better Jones or Rolle (Arz gets a veteran rb in a predraft trade)
9. NO (from Wash)- Derrick Johnson LB
Saints trade #42 attained from Dallas in Howard trade to get a true impact player on defense
10. DAL (from Det)- Troy Williamson WR
SD and Dallas both try to move up for this spot, Dallas wins paying 4th Rd #109 for one spot
11. DET (from Dal)- Shawne Merriman
highest rated defensive player they wanted anyway
12. SD- Marcus Spears
a perfect fit for the need and value
13. HOU- Cadillac Williams RB
they targeted Barron but cannot let Caddy slip by. Domanick Davis is good but Williams is too special to pass on.
14. CARO- Alex Barron OT
a gift, getting even better than Brown or barnes they expected
15. KC- Erasmus James DE
best pure pass rushing lineman on their board
16. WASH (from NO)- Carlos Rodgers CB
they are perfectly happy to get someone they wanted higher and add a 2nd rounder they were missing
17. CIN- Travis Johnson DT
right spot, right need, right value
18. MIN- Shaun Cody DT-DE
Vikes defensive makeover not quite done yet
19. STL- Jammal Brown OT
need and right value
20. DAL- Justin Miller CB
he and Howard added improves Dallas D greatly
21. JACK- David Pollack DE-LB
Signed Pryce but need more, Pollack brings great intangibles
22. BALT- Mark Clayton WR
hey, I can name two Raven wideouts now
23. SEA- Matt Roth DE
need some help with loss of Okeafor
24. GB- Charlie Frye QB
enjoy Brett's farewell tour and learn all you can for '06
25. DEN- Marlin Jackson CB
might be an upgrade over departed Kelly Herndon
26. NYJ- Luis Castillo DT
they do not underestimate the loss of Ferguson
27. ATL- Khalif Barnes OT
several needs but protecting the NFL's primetime Ron Mexico is at the top of the list
28. SD- Roddy White WR
exactly what the doctor ordered. great fit across from McCardell
29. IND- Dan Cody DE
a more standard DE than Freeney, a great sacking duo
30. PIT- Heath Miller TE
fills a need at the position and picks up some slack from Plax gone
31. PHIL- Thomas Davis LB-SS
falls from where some thought he might go, good fit in P town
32. NE- Channing Crowder LB
Bruschi questions, Phifer gone, McGinnest not getting younger
33. SF- Brodney Pool FS
good value, big need
34. CLEV- DeMarcus Ware LB-DE
might be a big impact player as he learns the ropes from Crennel
35. PHIL- Kevin Burnett LB
instant starter with Nate Wayne and Ike Reese gone
36. TB- J.J. Arrington RB
coupled with Williams TB offense is revitalized
37. TN- Jason Campbell QB
the second heir apparent picked in this draft
38. OAK- Justin Tuck DE
ha ha ha, they could have had Howard for this pick
39. CHI- Reggie Brown WR
Brown with Benson along with Moose gives Grossman weapons galore
40. NO- Fabian Washington CB
they consider Marcus Johnson OG-OT but go for another defensive playmaker with a nose for the ball, plus, he has Haz's love- speed.


saintswhodi 04-15-2005 11:04 AM

Top 40
DJ and Fabian? Me likes me likes.

FireVenturi 04-15-2005 11:22 AM

Top 40
i like it also......lets get er done!!!!

Zulu--King 04-15-2005 02:08 PM

Top 40
I wouldnt be stunned if we moved up to get DJ. I think Haz knows that he needs to make a playoff run to keep his job. I really like the idea of a high CB being the next pick. Then a DT. I don\'t feel good about Sullen.

LKelley67 04-17-2005 12:41 PM

Top 40
talk heating up about miami trading down. and if no trade down taking alex smith. tampa bay wants him

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