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saintsfan1313 04-19-2005 12:14 PM

Let me give this Mock thing a shot......
And I'll try not to be biased.....

1. San Fran-Alex Smith QB from Utah. Good fit for the revival of the 49'ers
2. Miami-Ronnie Brown RB from Auburn. They try and trade out but find no takers.
3. Cleveland-Braylon Edwards WR from Michigan. This is a stretch, but I have a feeling this is how they will go.
4. Chicago-Cedric Benson RB from Texas. Bears are in love with this guy and he fits there type of O
5. Tampa Bay-Carnell Williams RB from Auburn. Tampa's O is looking scarier by the minute.
6. Tennessee-Antrel Rolle CB from Miami. If Dyson stays in Tennessee, change this pick to Williams from USC
7. Minnesota-Mike Williams WR from USC. Somehow Minnesota still gets who they want by staying put, Minnesota's gunna be rough next year
8. Arizona-Aaron Rodgers QB from Cal. Arizona would have liked a RB here, but there isnt one left worth a #8 and they can't pass on Rodgers.
9. Washington-Pac-Man Jones CB from WV. They would have liked Rolle here but settle for Pac-Man
10. Detroit-Derrick Johnson LB from Texas. Wish the Saints would have made a move, but Lions like the boys from Texas and now the Lions have a stout D
11. Dallas-Marcus Spears DE from LSU. Alot of people think Merriman in this spot, but they throw a curve and go after recently surging Spears
12. San Diego-Dan Coady DE from OK. The Chargers need pass rush and take a shot here with the boy from Oklahoma
13. Houston-DeMarcus Ware LB from Troy State. Houston throws a curve ball here becuase they are in love in Ware and he fits a need.
14. Carolina-Troy Williamson WR from SC. Carolina needs to fill the WR left by MM.
15. Kansas City- Erasmus James DE from Wisconsin. Only because I think they nab Surtain and fill the CB need
16. New Orleans. Now I'm going to do something different here. We have 2 quality players left that can fill a need, Carlos Rogers from Auburn and Thomas Davis. Now this is a toss-up, Rogers is talked about as the most complete CB down the road. Davis is from Georgia and is athletic enough for 2 positions. I say the Saints select, with the #16 overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft......Thomas Davis OLB/SS from Georgia.
17. Cincinnati-Health Miller TE from Virginia. Cincy is leaning towards offense and wants to give young Palmer another weapon.
18. Minnesota-Shawne Merriman LB/DE from Maryland. Defense is looking damn scary
19. St. Louis-Alex Barron OT from FSU. With Turley in confusion, this is a great pick for the Rams
20. Dallas-Roddy White WR from A-B. Dallas wants another down-field threat for Bledsoe
21. Jacksonville-Carlos Rogers CB from Auburn. The Jags need a solid # 2 and this is him.
22. Baltimore-Mark Clayton WR from OK. It seems like every year the Ravens need a WR, here they get one.
23. Seattle- David Pollack DE/LB from Georgia. They lost Okeafor so they address DE here.
24. Green Bay-Channing Crowder LB from Florida. They want Safety help here, but Davis is gone so they go with LB
25. Denver-Fabian Washington CB from Nebraska. Not 100% on this one, but would be a good pick up for them
26. New York Jets-Shaun Cody DE/DT from USC-Need help anywhere on D-Line
27. Atlanta-Travis Johnson DT from FSU. Sort of a gamble here, but they wont some cloggin in the middle.
28. San Diego-Jerome Mathis WR Hampton. This is a big stretch, but they want some weapons.
29. Indy-Justin Miller CB from Clemson. They need help anywhere on D and this helps
30. Pittsburgh-Marlin Jackson CB from Michigan. Suprised he falls this far but Pitt snaps him up for some youth
31. Philadelphia-Jammal Brown OT from OK. Need line help with the departure of Mayberry
32. New England-Odell Thurman LB from Georgia. Pats win with LB's and their's are getting old

Alright guys, start ripping on this one.......

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