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BRSaintsFan 04-20-2005 06:17 PM

Rudd vs Crowder vs Burnett
If all three of these LBs are available in the 2nd round, assuming that we did not draft anyone in the first round to play LB, who would you select at 40 and why him over the other two?

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TheDeuce 04-20-2005 06:27 PM

Rudd vs Crowder vs Burnett
ESPN\'s insider 7 Round mock draft had us taking Pac-Man in the first round and then Ruud in the second. They said that Ruud has good recognition and instincts, but his profile:

Strengths: Is big, quick and strong. A search and flow LB with very good recognition skills and instincts. Is at his best reading and reacting versus the run. Makes quick reads, takes excellent angles and has adequate straight-line speed. He has adequate lower body strength and above average upper body strength. Can take on block when he plays with leverage. Does a good job of using his hands to get through traffic and to disengage. Also has decent range in zone coverage because of instincts and short-area quickness. Has terrific starting experience. Is a durable player that will play through pain. Is an outstanding leader and is extremely intelligent in the classroom, film room and on the field. High character guy. Also has the perfect mentality to contribute on special teams in the NFL.

Weaknesses: Is not an elite athlete. Lacks ideal top-end speed. Has good short-area quickness but lacks ideal COD skills. Has some trouble stopping and starting without losing too much in transition. Will struggle at times to adjust as a tackler in space if the pursuit angle has changed. Is well-built and strong but doesn\'t have explosive power. Won\'t make jarring hits at the POA and doesn\'t show ideal striking ability as a tackler. He needs to play with more consistent leverage when taking on blocks in the phone booth. Also is somewhat limited in coverage. Is decent in zone but lacks the fluid hips and ideal top-end speed to match up against a lot of quicker NFL running backs one-on-one.

Overall: Ruud played in every game as a true freshman backup middle linebacker and special teams\' player in 2001 before taking over as a fulltime starter during his 2002 sophomore season. As a junior in 2003, Ruud led the Huskers with 149 total tackles and also had 13 TFL, 2.5 sacks and one INT. Ruud started all 11 games as a senior in 2004 and finished the season with a Big 12-leading 143 total tackles. Ruud is a tough player that played through several nagging injuries in college and finished his career with a streak of 38-consecutive starts. Ruud isn\'t a great athlete in terms of his agility, COD skills or overall coverage ability. He also has decent but not great top-end speed. He is, however, a big, well-built, tough,, strong, quick, instinctive and intelligent middle linebacker with great experience and proven leadership skills. There are a couple of underclassmen ILB\'s that could get drafted ahead of him, but Ruud is our highest rated senior ILB prospect and is still a legitimate second round prospect. He has the potential to contribute immediately on special teams and eventually should develop into a starter at MLB/ILB in the NFL.
contains too many references to his \"adequate\" athleticism and his \"adequate\" speed. So, I think I\'d rather take Crowder. He isn\'t as high as the others on many people\'s draft boards, but I like his athleticism and I have heard a lot about his \"mean streak.\" So my choice would be Crowder because of his pure skills, but I wouldn\'t be bothered if we took Ruud either.

baronm 04-20-2005 09:34 PM

Rudd vs Crowder vs Burnett
some people have burnnett as the second best lb in the draft,some have depends on your i go in this order: burnett, ruud, crowder--buirnett and ruud will have long productive careers...crowder who knows..boom or bust

I think that I woul dlike both.

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