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GumboBC 04-22-2005 03:17 PM

1st Round Busts. Looking Back!
Ki-Jana Carter, RB, Penn State (1st overall, Bengals, 1995)
He wasn't able to get it done or show the skill level to be an effective NFL running back. His knee injury hurt him right away too.

New Orleans Saints Russell Erxleben, K/P, Texas (11th overall, Saints, 1979)
He didn't transition from being a great college kicker to the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs Brian Jozwiak, OT, West Virginia (7th overall, Chiefs, 1986)
He didn't seem to have the ability to handle quick outside pass rushers. He was more of a run blocker in college.

Tony Mandarich, OT, Michigan State (2nd overall, Packers, 1989)
He was a dominator in college who struggled mightily in NFL. He didn't transition well. He was drafted ahead of Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion Sanders.

Lawrence Phillips, RB, Nebraska (6th overall, Rams, 1996)
He was a product of Nebraska's offense, an I-back who had time to run downhill behind a great offensive line. In the NFL, he played too upright and couldn't make people miss. Plus, he had off-the-field problems. He was drafted ahead of Eddie George.

Art Schlichter, QB, Ohio State (4th overall, Colts, 1982)
He had off-the-field problems with gambling and did nothing with the Colts. He was a great talent who never materialized because he wasn't focused.

Heath Shuler, QB, Tennessee (3rd overall, Redskins, 1994)
He was a holdout, and not being in camp hurt him immediately. Then Gus Frerotte, another '94 draft pick, seized control of the team. Shuler never caught up. He also wasn't the pure passer he needed to be.

Kelly Stouffer, QB, Colorado State (6th overall, Cardinals, 1987)
He had a solid career in college, but he wasn't projected to go high. He was a major reach; I thought he was a second- or third-round pick.

Blair Thomas, RB, Penn State (2nd overall, Jets, 1990)
The history of Penn State running backs hasn't been great. He never showed the burst or creativity as a runner and the great package of skills needed in the NFL.

Andre Ware, QB, Houston (7th overall, Lions, 1990)
Another QB hurt by a holdout. He was drafted to run Wayne Fontes' run-and-shoot offense. Rodney Peete ended up settling into the offense instead. Ware had talent, but the team never took to him as a leader

Others of note:
Trev Alberts, OLB, Nebraska (6th overall, Colts, 1994)

Anthony Bell, LB, Michigan State (5th overall, Cardinals, 1986)

Todd Blackledge, QB, Penn State (7th overall, Chiefs, 1983)

Bob Buczkowski, DE, Pittsburgh (24th overall, Raiders, 1986)

Rich Campbell, QB, California (6th overall, Packers, 1981)

Tom Cousineau, MLB, Ohio State (1st overall, Bills, 1979)

Mike Croel, LB, Nebraska (4th overall, Broncos, 1991)

Eric Curry, DE, Alabama (6th overall, Buccaneers, 1993)

Jim Druckenmiller, QB, Virginia Tech (26th overall, 49ers, 1997)

Clyde Duncan, WR, Tennessee (17th overall, Cardinals, 1984)

Steve Emtman, DT, Washington (1st overall, Colts, 1992)

Desmond Howard, WR, Michigan (4th overall, Redskins, 1992)

Mike Junkin, LB, Duke (5th overall, Browns, 1987)

Shawn Knight, DT, BYU (11th overall, Saints, 1987)

David Klingler, QB, Houston (6th overall, Bengals, 1992)

Eric Kumerow, OLB, Ohio State (16th overall, Dolphins, 1988)

Ryan Leaf, QB, Washington State (2nd overall, Chargers, 1998)

Tommy Maddox, QB, UCLA (25th overall, Broncos, 1992)

Todd Marinovich, QB, USC (24th overall, Raiders, 1991)

Keith McCants, DE, Alabama (4th overall, Buccaneers, 1990)

Dan McGwire, QB, San Diego State (16th overall, Seahawks, 1991)

Rick Mirer, QB, Notre Dame (2nd overall, Seahawks, 1993)

Bruce Pickens, DB, Nebraska (3rd overall, Falcons, 1991)

Jack Thompson, QB, Washington State (3rd overall, Bengals, 1979)

David Verser, WR, Kansas (10th overall, Bengals, 1981)

Dan Wilkinson, DT, Ohio State (1st overall, Bengals, 1994)

saintswhodi 04-22-2005 03:20 PM

1st Round Busts. Looking Back!
Sullivan didn\'t make the list? I wonder if any team has ever traded two number one picks to move up and draft a player they could have gotten at their original position? As I recall, most of these busts were highly rated all around, they just didn\'t work out, except Trev Alberts. Kiper said he was shocked at that one(just like the face he made with the sully pick, imagine). Can you tell us if any of these were trade ups to get these players, were they at their original draft spot and chose them, and what was being said about them before the draft?

[Edited on 22/4/2005 by saintswhodi]

Saint_LB 04-22-2005 05:19 PM

1st Round Busts. Looking Back!
I think the Ryan Leaf pick shoulda made the top 5 :exclam:

spkb25 04-22-2005 05:26 PM

1st Round Busts. Looking Back!
speaking of phillips, last i heard like a year ago was that he sold his national champioship ring to a pawn broker for bus fair. he sold it for like 20 bucks. the pawn guy said he didnt even know if it was real or not but when he founbd out he solf it for a couple of thousand on ebay. i heard that story on espn raido about a year ago. my god what wasted talent. to think that i make more money then him and dont have the talent in my whole body his has in a finger. it makes me pitty him and also at the same time look at him as just an absolute idiot. what a waste

Zulu--King 04-22-2005 05:55 PM

1st Round Busts. Looking Back!
Does that also go for Schlichter, Marinovich and and Leaf? Leaf may still have some major coin, but even Jeff George wouldnt hang with him.

Zulu--King 04-22-2005 06:15 PM

1st Round Busts. Looking Back!
Where\'s The Boz?

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