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daniel 04-23-2005 06:24 PM

Poss Washington trade
I heard on Sirius that there is some talk about us making a trade with washington after they got Cambell at QB. Snyder wants a De and we have Howard. Gil Brant on Siris said the trade would make sense. We could do a player for player trade with us getting Pat Ramsey the former Tulane Qb. Also said NO might get a pick in next years draft to go along with Ramsey.

I love the trade if it happens. What do you think?

JKool 04-23-2005 06:34 PM

Poss Washington trade
We don\'t need a QB right away, we need a LB. Since we\'re clearly not set on getting one in the draft, I can only hope that the Howard deal is for a LB.

daniel 04-23-2005 06:48 PM

Poss Washington trade
I agree with you, but it looks like Haz thinks the Lbs on the roster are better than all the ones in the draft. I wish we would have taken DJ at 13.

TheDeuce 04-23-2005 06:53 PM

Poss Washington trade
OK let me first say officially that Haz sucks and is absolutely has to be hands down the dumbest coach in the NFL.

Now, back to this trade. Maybe if we could work out a trade for the disgruntled Arrington?

JKool 04-23-2005 06:55 PM

Poss Washington trade
Only Crowder and Blackstock are left of the guys I\'d even consider.

I really think the goal must be to trade Howard for a vetran LB; othewise this FO is as dumb as some people seem to be claiming.

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