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lsuforever 04-23-2005 07:49 PM

what a sad day
This organization is full of idiots. D,J is there and saints pick jamal brown. That sums up all the drafts and I wish haslett and loomis go straight to hell. I am now becoming a converted cowboy fan. What a day and Bullocks is a good player but not a need. Crowder, blackstock, elton brown is there and we pick a free safety GENIUS.

Zulu--King 04-23-2005 09:06 PM

what a sad day
LSU!!! LSU!!! LSU!!!

I was greeted with silence when I said I\'m thiking of boycotting the Saints until they win three straight. I can now state with conviction that I\'ll probably find other uses for my money. No matter what our O does, D\'s win rings.

Haz should know better. Look at the Vikes Cowgirls, Bucs & Bengals for examples of how teams should address needs. Strange how a former LB has no clue what talent at that position looks like.

TheDeuce 04-23-2005 09:16 PM

what a sad day
Haslett and Loomis officially suck. What the hell were they thinking? I understand the Jammal Brown pick because our line is going to freaking dominate, but JOSH BULLOCKS?????? I hate my life right now. Burnett, Crowder, Thurman, and Blackstock were still on the board and we take a small ***** safety. Unbelievable. That\'s all I can say. Unbelievable.

LordOfEntropy 04-23-2005 09:23 PM

what a sad day
I\'m filled with -absolute- disgust myself. It\'s inexcusable.

Trading up.... giving away a 3rd round pick next year.... for the -2nd- rated tackle in the draft, when the first one would\'ve still been on the board... without trading.

This team -DESERVES- to lose. And they will.

lsuforever 04-24-2005 02:26 AM

what a sad day
MODS NOTE: chill out we have kids who read on this board

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GoldenTomb 04-24-2005 02:40 AM

what a sad day
Well I guess it\'s time for me to weigh in.

I am in Iraq, and we were under military blackout for the entire 1st draft day, so I wasn\'t able to see the draft as it unfolded. As it turned out, this was best because I probably would\'ve thrown the computer out of the window had I seen the Saints do what they did.

Don\'t get me wrong...I am quite sure that J. Brown will be a fine player for the Saints. But why you pass on the highest rated LB to come through in years is simply baffling and infuriating. There\'s no way that the Saints can redeem themselves at this point in my eyes. All I can do is hope for a decent QB in the later rounds and bolster the O to elite status, because they obviously have passed up on the most obvious way to help the D.

This Fincher guy seems to have a real competitive edge though....we\'ll see what happens there.

I am not ready to hang in the towel on the season. Far from it. I am just positive that DJ will be out to prove the naysayers wrong. And SURPRISE...KC picked him. All about putting yourself in the best position to succeed.

I was going to take this avatar down, but I will keep it as a constant reminder of the inept management of this football team. :casstet:

This time next year...just remember....we had a chance to get him.

BreesFN9 04-24-2005 05:02 AM

what a sad day
Said on SIRIUS radio after the draft:


Adam Schein: \"Kansas City getting Derrick Johnson at No. 15 is a steal. This is the biggest steal of the draft.\"
I thought I would get over by the end of the day, but as the 2nd pick came in , I was past the point of frustration.

The best SPIN I could put on this was that Scouting reports were mixed on DJ and that if the TEXANS were willing to pass him up when he was available to them......Something is up? They had him in for workouts the week prior to the draft, and being in TEXAS They obviously had a chance to have a good LONG look at him. They passed for a reason and Haslett said prior to the draft that the were not enamored with him....At least he stuck to his word.

J Brown could be great I was just dumbfounded that we didn\'t adress the LB position with the 2nd pick? It played out strangley and I\'m still 2nd guessing the draft. Too bad Crowder , RUUD were GONE by the time our picks came in. In the end I am still, as most of us are, a Loyal Saints FAN!

But I got to tell you these DRAFT Moves are starting to test my patience! :mad:

no_cloning 04-24-2005 03:08 PM

what a sad day

Trading up.... giving away a 3rd round pick next year.... for the -2nd- rated tackle in the draft, when the first one would\'ve still been on the board... without trading.
How come most analysts agree Carolina would have selected Brown if the Saints hadn\'t traded up? Did they take Barron?
I wasn\'t sold on Davis or DJ (although I didn\'t expect him to slide that far) and I absolutely LOVE the pick. Entering the offseason, I stated RT was the position that needed addressing the most. And they didn\'t do it in free agency - I never believed Mayberry was the answer. Yes, they put themselves in aposition where they HAD to take Brown, but they did a good job of trading up and getting their man.

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