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MIckey loomis

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If you ever wondered if mickey loomis and jim haslett were idiots than after this stupid alfred fincher pick then it should sum up these two. I hope this team loses every game and I hope haslett and loomis are ...

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MIckey loomis

If you ever wondered if mickey loomis and jim haslett were idiots than after this stupid alfred fincher pick then it should sum up these two. I hope this team loses every game and I hope haslett and loomis are on the next flight out of N.O.

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MIckey loomis

I\'m with you. All this talk of trades and hoping they get an impact player is heartbreaking.
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MIckey loomis

This is a great way to start a discussion:

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MIckey loomis

Hey guys, hold on just a sec. I was thinking exactly the same thing when we made our final choice for the day. I looked back on what we had done and I was totally pissed. We drafted an OL when we could have gotten DJ. We got a FS when we could have gotten a good LB. We got a LB that few had heard of in what seemed like a last ditch effort. If you don\'t believe I was pissed go back and look at some of my posts from around that time, I was ready to take a lead pipe to somebody\'s head. But then I cooled off and I listened to some of these guys who posted some good information. First of all, I am very excited about the Brown pick. The more I think about it, the more I like it. It allows Mayberry to move to guard, and we now have a stud tackle. This will open up holes for #26, and hopefully give AB a little more time to make better decisions. All the experts agree with this pick, and they seem to think that Brown is going to be a ProBowl OT very soon, and that gets me pumped. Now to the 2nd round pick. I\'m still not completely sold on this one, but just think about this: it gives us some options. Dwight Smith can play FS and we could try Bullocks at SS. We could move Dwight Smith to CB where he wanted to play and give Bullocks a shot at the FS role. This would make Thomas expendible and perhaps we could work out a deal for him. Even though I would have rather seen the Saints take a LB with this pick, I guess it\'s not altogether that bad. I mean this Bullocks kid is a ballhawk and is very athletic. And about the third pick.... when the screen flashed Alfred Fincher instead of Blackstock I thought I was going to have an anurism. I was totally pissed. But then I looked at some of the critiques of this guy and I was pretty impressed. He seems to be a real tough guy, a mammoth in the middle. Also, I listened to his interview on neworleanssaints.com and was very impressed with the kinds of things he said like how he was coming to NO to take over this defense and make a difference. This guy has one helluva work ethic. So sure, you can continue to be pissed about this third pick like i was, but first think about the upside that this kid offers (which is huge by the way).

Anyways, overall this draft wasn\'t as bad as I first thought it would be. I would have liked to have gotten DJ, and part of the reason I was so pissed we didn\'t was because I had been talking him up for two weeks and I guess I was just surprised that we didn\'t get him. But Brown is a stud. I\'m still not sure if I\'m totally convinced about the Bullocks pick, but at least you could look at it this way: we got one helluva athlete who can play safety. And Alfred Fincher, even though I was pissed when I first heard about him, should be pretty solid. You really need to listen to that interview. Anyways, I hope we get mcPherson tomorrow in the 4th.
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