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airmoss18 02-22-2003 01:52 AM

possible new DT for 2003
i'm new here, the bro-in-law of john schlecht, a player who may soon sign with the saints.
here's his background:
stud high school player in minnesota - all-state (mvp of MN all-star game in '96). somewhat of a late bloomer, he only weighed 225 as a senior and didn't get any interest from any div. 1 schools. went to div. 2 st. cloud state and started every game as an 18-year old freshman. did well, but decided to walk-on to minnesota. set out next season, got huge and strong (hang-cleaned 475 lbs.), then started every game soph. - senior seasons. ended up as minnesota's all-time tackles-for-loss leader. had monster games against top opponents. his best year was his junior, got a little heavy his senior year (302), but was still a disruptive force. twice 2nd team all-big ten (robbed his junior year).

did well at 2001 combine, but is still considered short (6'1/2"). was expected to go in the 4th to 6th round, but ended up going undrafted. immediately signed with the 49ers.

made the squad as a rookie, beating out a 2nd year player who started a few games as a rookie, cedric killings (now with vikings). was on 49ers 53-man roster for the entire '01 season, suting up for 9 or 10 games. played behind bryant young and dana stubblefield, so didn't get to play much, but played well when in. had good performances in both games against the saints, forcing a key fumble by ricky williams in game at SF in november.

he herniated a disc in his back during a spring '02 mini-camp. it required surgery in september and he missed the entire '02 season.

his back is now 100% and he has met with the saints recently.

his style of play is similar to the vikings' chris hovan - quick, disruptive interior 1-gap DT who is considered more of a pass-rusher than a run stuffer. has the non-stop motor required for a player lacking the phyical gifts of size. tireless worker and student of the game. technically sound, uses leverage wisely to move back lineman.

he's in great shape and has a legitimate shot to earn a spot on the roster.

just wanted to let you all know, i'll be curious as to if this possible acquisition excites anybody here (i doubt it) - but you heard it here first - schlecht could be a saints sleeper in 2003.

D_it_up 02-22-2003 10:49 AM

possible new DT for 2003
Not to sound like a bummer or anything, but the guy would still have a lot to prove on the field in the NFL. If he can perform, more power to him. Anything right now would be a step-up at DT for the Saints. If he is known for rushing the passer, then that would be a big help for Howard and Grant. It remains to be seen if anyone behind him can stop the run, though. Hopefully we\'ll pick up enough D this season to help in that department. I guess what I\'m trying to say is if John Schlecht signs cheap and can do the job on the field, then I\'m all for it, but I\'m not going to get overly excited yet.

nocloning 06-15-2003 03:55 PM

possible new DT for 2003
John Schlecht is a champ. A world bowl champ. Won it yesterday with the Frankfurt Galaxy.
However, I saw him play in two or three games and he definitely is not the answer at DT. It\'s true that he doesn\'t give up on any play, but it\'s also true that he simply lacks the size of an interior lineman. His quickness was okay but I wasn\'t very impressed with his ability to shed blocks. He\'s the kind of player Haslett likes (directly opposite to Grady), so he has a good chance to make the roster in my opinion.

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