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nola_swammi 04-23-2005 10:59 PM

someone who see it my way!!!

Kirwan on Brown: To move up to the 11th pick in the draft to get a right tackle is a bit of a surprise, but Brown plugs in and plays, which is the positive. But with Derrick Johnson and Aaron Rodgers, and more importantly left tackle Alex Barron still out there, it is an interesting pick.

interesting is a nice way of saying dumb ;)

ScottyRo 04-23-2005 11:05 PM

someone who see it my way!!!
And Kirwan has done so well in the NFL that he CHOSE to go to work for cnn. Yeah, that\'s it.

The thing is...we didn\'t have a RT until today unless you count Stinchy, which I don\'t. This pick makes me feel tons better about the Mayberry pickup. LT should now be the only weakness on the line. I have no problem with that. Though I wish they\'d have gotten some FA to replacee Gandy.

Not to mention there are ????s galore about Barron and I\'m not too keen on starting a rookie LT anyway.

Saintuary 04-23-2005 11:13 PM

someone who see it my way!!!
I think it was a great pick. i believe people don\'t want to see us with impact players.

bayouking318 04-24-2005 01:30 AM

someone who see it my way!!!
Some people are blind to see the obvious. Sure Brown is a nice pick but to trade up 3 spot when they\'re 3 players on board that also that would\'ve contribute just as nice and one of them also a OT this was just Dumb as the year before last when they traded up for Sorry Sully. The fans on here can sugar coat all they want but 2 years from now you will see but want remember that Derrick Johnson, Thomas Davis, & Alex Barron was still on the board. can\'t believe we lost a 3rd. Just fire loomis

LordOfEntropy 04-24-2005 10:17 AM

someone who see it my way!!!
That\'s my view on it as well. I don\'t hate taking an OT in the 1st - that\'s not a problem. That\'s fine. Everyone knows we needed an OT anyway.

The problem I have is trading up to do it. One of the two top OT\'s would\'ve been there @ 16 anyway. So we just threw away a 3rd round pick next year. I see no value in it.

The draft value of pick #13 is 1150. The draft value of pick #16 is 1150. So that\'s 150 points to account for.

150 points = 24th pick of the 3rd round... So the only way this trade is fair to the Saints is if we pick 24th (or worse) out of 32 next year. We\'re more likely to go 8-8, puts us in the middle of the pack, and us 40 value points - or the 4th pick of the 5th round.

So you can see, the trade is not equitable. The Saints lose out.

Add to that taking a free safety in the second round, (when we just acquired a good one in free agency) makes NO SENSE. We needed a LB -much- more. Or a strong stafey nearly as much. Or a defensive tackle. Or a backup quarterback. Or a cornerback. Whatever, the point is -NOT- a free safety. We already have one.

Hence my overall emotional reaction to the draft so far. The trade makes no sense to me. And round 2 was just salt in the wound.

saintswhodi 04-24-2005 10:21 AM

someone who see it my way!!!
I agree with you guys, except Scotty. There is no sugar coating the stupidity of that trade. Why trade up with the one and two Ts still on the board, and KC 10000000000% going defense? And needing a LB, and the best two on the board? WTF??? Just dumb. NE got praised for picking Logan Mankins at the end of th first, when he was projected 3rd or 4th. We couldn\'t have done that in the second round, or gotten Khalif Barnes in the 2nd? Just dumb.

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