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D_it_up 02-22-2003 11:02 AM

Ambrose, Dronett, and Jefferson released
I just read on where Ashley Ambrose, Shane Dronett, and Shawn Jefferson were released by the Falcons to clear up cap room. I believe this is going to make the Falcons go stonger at trading for Peerless Price, which in turn could spell trouble for the Saints if the secondary doesn't improve. On the other hand, it could benefit the Saints with a few of these cuts. Let me explain why:

Ashley Ambrose: Played with the Saints before and played reasonably well. Would be a nice pick-up if the Saints go with a young CB in the draft. If he can be signed cheap, Ambrose, Dale Carter, and Fred Thomas could help groom the young CB. I know he lost a step last year, but i think a one or two-year contract for Ambrose at a sensible rate would help the Saints at the corner slot.

Shawn Jefferson: Could be the 4th receiver for the Saints if Jake Reed signs elsewhere. He doesn't have the size that the Saints are looking for, but he does have good hands and could provide more leadership for bringing up Donte Stallworth. I know it's a shot-in-the-dark, but it's an idea.

Shane Dronett: This is possibly the most intriguing of the three. Hampered by injuries the last couple of years, Dronett hasn't been on the field much. He could be a steal, though. If this guy is healthy, he's a good run-stopper and a decent pass rusher. I've seen him have some big games against the Saints in the past. Maybe he could have some big games FOR us, as long as he stays healthy.

I know this is all hypothetical, but in a perfect world it would work out. Hell, in a perfect world, the Saints would win the Super Bowl every year. :D

Jazezy 02-22-2003 11:16 AM

Ambrose, Dronett, and Jefferson released
I think its possible that the Saints may make a run at Ambrose he was here before but that was in the Mike Ditka days and he actually played pretty well against the Saints since going to Atlanta the only problem I see if the Saints do sign him they may feel like they dont have to draft a CB in the first round which I dont think would be a wise decision. But if they do draft a CB in round 1 Trufant or Woolfolk that would definetly be an upgrade in our secondary.

nocloning 02-22-2003 03:52 PM

Ambrose, Dronett, and Jefferson released
They way I read the draft at the moment Newman, Trufant and Woolfolk will be all be gone when the Saints get to pick. I don\'t see any other college CB I could get excited about. So signing Ambrose wouldn\'t be too bad. On the other hand I can\'t get excited about Ambrose either. He\'s certainly on the downhill side of his career and would only be a gradual upgrade to the CBs the Saints have under contract. Get him if he\'s cheap, but it\'s certainly not a deal with the highest priority.
Jefferson and Dronett shouldn\'t be considered, Jefferson is not the fourth receiver the Saints are looking for, Dronett probably still has some health problems. Anyway, DT is the deepest position in the draft. If we can start whoever we draft at DT alongside Jackson - and if Jackson stops eating like an elephant - we should be okay up front.

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WhoDat 02-23-2003 04:30 PM

Ambrose, Dronett, and Jefferson released
Don\'t forget how big the Saints were on Craver before he got hurt. In training camp and the first weeks of the season I remember people talking about him starting even after Dale Carter returned. Honestly, I think Craver has the potential to be a number 3 or even number 2 corner for the Saints. He played very well early. If he doesn\'t get hurt, who knows?

D_it_up 02-24-2003 12:26 PM

Ambrose, Dronett, and Jefferson released
I posted this also on the rumored possibility of Craver and Michael Hawthorne being tried out as safties for the upcoming season. If that is the case, and one of these two corners move to saftey, then we could use depth. As far as Woolfolk is concerned now, I hear his stock is dropping. From scouting reports, he is still very raw after only one year at the position and would take a lot of work to get him accustomed to it. I don\'t know if the Saints have the time and patience to help him along if he is still there at that point.

pakowitz 02-24-2003 10:48 PM

Ambrose, Dronett, and Jefferson released
dont forget guys that craver was a projected 1st round pick until he decided to stay in school for another year, and had an off year, so he was considered a steal by the time we got him

billyh1026 02-26-2003 09:21 PM

Ambrose, Dronett, and Jefferson released
Craver wil be a big time player for the Saints. That kid was the steal of the draft for us last year.

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