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DIRTYSAINTZ 04-24-2005 01:12 PM

McPherson is 4 real
This guy has lots of talent and has an ARM... He can gun the ball and he is alot faster than AB.... He has alot to learn coming to the NFL but he will be good in Years to come.
Now to comment on some of the other draft picks that we got: Picking a Tackle in the first was a need but I would have taken a lineback :casstet: The second round pick was a pure solid one and I like the kid.. He can run and Has great hands :) Third Round Was a solid Pick up hes a great linebacker and will see some playing time. Now the Fourth round What in the WORLD are the Saints thinking here :casstet: :casstet: :casstet: my goodness.. DUMB DUMB DUMB :casstet:

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