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mighty12 04-24-2005 03:28 PM

Here is my opinion on Adrian
I like the kid.....He has speed, a quick release pass, and is just flat out an athlete. The one thing that concerns me is that he has been criticised for being too quick to leave the pocket. That was a knock on AB early on. Why does that concern me? Well, AB played great his first 1 1/2 seasons, until the Saints coaching staff made him stay in the pocket. AB then took too many sacks and questioned himself too much. I hope the Saints let Adrian do what Atlanta let's Vick do, and just run around out there. This is an exciting and intresting pick. Over the past few years I was AB's biggest supporter but after last year it is time for change, and I think this is the change we need. AM is not sooooo different from AB talent wise so the recievers won't have to change their play too much. Well that is my 2 cents......How do I feel about the rest of the draft? I am warming up to the first round pick because he does fill a need and is just soooo strong, even though he doesn't seem to be able to play the big games well(LSU and USC ran over him in the National Championships) The 2nd pick stunned me with Odell still on the board. The 3rd pick was a good one maybe even great in 3 years but not now. 4th round......WHY? and finally just one more prediction Aaron Rodgers will be in the pro bowl in 5 years.....Alex Smith will not be with San Fran in 3 years. THANKS AGAIN FOR ANOTHER ULCER N.O.

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