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FireVenturi 04-24-2005 03:44 PM

Draft grade
1.Jammal Brown-B minus-addressed a need, but passed up a bigger need-lb
2.JOsh Bullocks-D minus-I have no clue what they are thinkin, coulda had Burnett
3.Alfred Fincher-B Plus-It did address LB finally, and after reading about him i really like it
4.Chase Hyman-F-hurt,hurt, and hurt
5.Adrian McPherson-A-This guy has real talent and is accurate although they have had some conflicting reports
6.Jason Jefferson-B PLus-filled a need with the best DT left on the board

Overall i give it a C PLUS- we had a shot to get the best D Player in the draft in Thomas Davis and we paseed, and also had a shot to get Dj.2nd and 4th rds were a disaster. we made up for it in the 3rd,5th, and 6th. So, i know its a shock, but i say mediocre!I do like Brown, but not over T Davis or DJ

nola_swammi 04-24-2005 04:06 PM

Draft grade
D-.....I say fire them all and keep the scouts

baronm 04-24-2005 04:06 PM

Draft grade
1. brown b plus-got the best at a position of need
2. F...Why didn\' t we get burnett?
3. fincher- b--what I hear I like
4. F..who?
5. B--with a fifth this pick shouldn\'t hurt us too much, and could really help us
6. jefferson-b

overall- d...why didn\'t we get burnett?

Rsanders24 04-24-2005 04:22 PM

Draft grade
C- I think that the 4th and the 7th round picks were terrible. I think that we should have drafted a CB with the 4th and a RB with the 7th. Besides that I think that they did an avg. job I think that we need some help in our scouting department, badly!

rAge 04-24-2005 04:26 PM

Draft grade

2.JOsh Bullocks-D minus-I have no clue what they are thinkin, coulda had Burnett
12 INT\'s in 2003, that\'s what they were thinking. We needed a playmaker and we got one.

FireVenturi 04-24-2005 04:28 PM

Draft grade
yea if he can get on the field? They are sayin he is to add depth?

rAge 04-24-2005 04:30 PM

Draft grade

yea if he can get on the field? They are sayin he is to add depth?
If he can get on the field? What\'s stopping him from being on the field? As I mentioned in another topic, in the nickle - he could come out as a FS and move Dwight Smith over to CB. Or move Smith to SS (he played it in Tampa for awhile). We have options. The guy is a playmaker, and we really needed someone like that.

FireVenturi 04-24-2005 04:35 PM

Draft grade
I hope that is what they have in mind

mutineer10 04-24-2005 04:42 PM

Draft grade
1. Jammal Brown - B - can\'t forgive them for passing on DJ, but I actually had the Saints taking Brown on my draft board. I don\'t think we\'ll regret Brown, but we may regret snubbing DJ more.

2. Josh Bullocks - D - probably could\'ve gotten him in the 3rd. I don\'t see how he fits here, we have Dwight Smith and Bullocks is probably too small to play SS. Confusing.

3. Alfred Fincher - B minus - another we probably could\'ve gotten later, but hey, at least it\'s a LB. Could be another Orlando Ruff, or maybe he can switch to SLB. Won\'t be hard for him to compete with this crew.

4. Ambulance Chaser Lyman - F - why do we need another injury-prone WR? Yet another who would\'ve likely fallen to the 5th or 6th rounds. May be a playmaker when healthy, but historically isn\'t often enough to make any difference.

5. Adrian McPherson - C - not a bad pick in the 5th. We all know about him. Says he just wants a shot ... I\'m willing to give him one.

6. Jason Jefferson - B - good pick in the 6th. Hope he wasn\'t influenced by his buddy on the D-line (Hawthorne), but looks like a solid depth guy. Like the LB corps, won\'t be hard for him to compete.

7. Jimmy Verndon - D - too small for DT, too slow for a pass rusher. Passed on Ernest Shazor, Ben Wilkerson and Junior Rosegreen to take this guy. Not likely we\'ll get the value outta this guy we got with last year\'s 7th (Bockwoldt), but who knows?

Overall: C, I like it far less than last years draft. Still ignoring needs, still making inexplicable picks. Yup, that\'s the average.

Euphoria 04-24-2005 05:32 PM

Draft grade
1. A, you get the top OL in the draft, fill a glaring need and you prevent a division rivail from getting him... The line is already improved now.

2. B-, This guy has instincts and is a player. Not going to grade him as to whom they could have gotton but to get a player like this is a solid pick if he takes over for Bellamy great... if not he\'ll be back up and will excell on special teams. Comes from good athletic family.

3. B safe pick... and will do very well on special teams if doesn\'t start right away.

4. C, I like this pick in away... you have to take chances on 4 and below... and I think this one will pan out, lots of upside and huge body to snag the posesion grabs. Comes from a good pedigree.

5. B plus, a steal here as long as they keep him out of trouble off the field.

6. B lacks size but getting an athlete you can play him in different positions... not bad.

7. B need position and good value here with this pick.

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