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4saintspirit 04-25-2005 08:40 AM

I for one am disappointed
with our draft. While Brown is an excellent player and probably a safer pick than DJ I have to say I wanted DJ -- and to know we could have had him -- I think we are going be end up being sorry in the long run. And as for another safety --- sorry -- there were better players around in round 2 when we picked. Like picking up McPherson -- think that he was a steal for that round

LordOfEntropy 04-25-2005 09:41 AM

I for one am disappointed
I am disappointed as well, but in typical perennial Saints fan fashion I\'m starting to hope/delude/pray/convince myself into believing it wasn\'t such a bad draft.

I wanted playmakers on defense in the high rounds, no doubt about it - DJ, Davis, T Johnson, Burnett, Blackstock, Thurman, Pool, etc, etc, etc. But.... the jury might still be out. Howard considering Howard hasn\'t been traded yet.

The trade up for Brown in the first definitely tore my heart out at first, but now I\'m considering that it may not have been so awful (assuming he really does fit in that much better than Barron, and assuming his run blocking can improve fast enough to not lose the opening games).

Even the Bullocks pick might not have been that bad (if he actually does end up playing at SS as others were saying). We needed an upgrade for Bellamy desperately, and Bullocks appears to get those turnovers.

There\'s no way to rationalize the 4th round pick, though. That just can\'t be massaged into credulity.

Time will tell, and there\'s not a whole hell of a lot we can do about it. I think it\'ll come down to how well we can (or can\'t) top the run. The O\'s certainly improved this offseason - but the O wasn\'t our glaring problem to begin with. But with Venturi on the sidelines this year, 2 good safeties starting, a couple new LB\'s, and Howard still waiting, there\'s hope.

At least, that\'s what I\'m telling myself.

Euphoria 04-25-2005 09:54 AM

I for one am disappointed
No that O line simply SUCKED... we were horrible on the OL. Talent in key areas made us ok at time but we didn\'t use the clock we couldn\'t protect brooks like we should have and they could have done better blocking for Deuce. That OL needed a MAJOR upgrade, just as bad as some areas of the D. Brown was a good - great pick up. Best OL in the draft. Will contribute to the team more so than any of the D picks will have at that spot in the draft.

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