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progress 02-25-2003 04:20 PM

The Tight End problem
I just read that some analyst are projecting the saints to draft CB Woolfolk and TE Jason Witten with their first round picks. Am I the only person that thinks the TE problem is not a result of the TE's that we have on our roster. I think the problem is a simple one, Brooks is not smart enough to read defenses. Therefore, he can not throw the ball to the TE with any consistency. There is a big difference between reading the corners and safties to throw a 15 yard route (we see those an awful lot) as compared to reading what the linebackers and safties are doing over the middle. As long as Brooks is quaterback I never expect to see any production out of the TE. And I know some of you are going to go back to the Detroit game where Sloan dropped 5 or 6 balls, but even those were out patterns and nothing over the middle.

rodjmaw 02-25-2003 06:23 PM

The Tight End problem
I believe AB is taking too much blame. How can anyone blame him for Sloan performance. Compare AB #\'s to any other saint\'s qb #\'s they\'re first two seasons.

Loomis if you are reading this pass on Woolfolk get a DT & LB or trade down w/the 18th pick and pick up Rashean Mathis to convert to a CB. :thumbup:

nocloning 02-26-2003 07:01 AM

The Tight End problem
\"Analysts\" ... reading some of the mock drafts I think their guesses are as good as ours. The combination Woolfolk/Witten can be found here:
Which would mean the Saints pass up someone like Dewayne Robertson. It\'s the most unlikely scenario I\'ve seen apart from the mock draft which sees us getting William Joseph and Marcus Trufant (which would be great, but so unlikely it\'s ridiculous).
The Tight end \"problem\" ... Expect Sloan to have a better season 2003. Brooks is still learning and I for one have not completely given up on him. If the Saints draft a Tight end I expect it not to be in the first round and probably someone whose strength is in the blocking - John \"LJ\" Smith of Rutgers for example.

WhoDat 02-26-2003 10:21 AM

The Tight End problem
Gator, you know the we agree. Sloan is a good TE. There are probably only a handful of TEs in the league with better size and ability. Yes, his first year as a Saint was less than stellar, but I blame him no more than the quarterback and coordinator. Our system is supposed to be \"West Coast\" but we don\'t use the tight end, rarely go across the middle (we throw seam routes and deep outs as comapred to slants and crossing patterns), and have a QB who can\'t read well and doesn\'t use his mobility to spread the defense and keep them honest.

Picking up another TE is something the Saints will probably do. Hopefully, they\'re smart enough not to waste a first or second rounder on one though, b/c the best this kid could do is replace Boo Williams. The Saints need a middle threat receiver and a middle threat TE. The problem is that it doesn\'t matter who you get to play those roles, if other things don\'t work. You could have Tony Gonzalez and Keyshawn Johnson and we still wouldn\'t be able to get them the ball unless Brooks learns how to read the middle of a defense and McCarthy calls plays to get these guys open over the middle.

pakowitz 02-26-2003 12:10 PM

The Tight End problem
i think the saints would be stupid to draft a TE in the first round, im not sayin that witten isnt worth it but we need more players on D with some speed, and if we do fill most of these holes in F.A. then maybe but i just dont see how we could pass up on some of these players just to pick up a TE

billyh1026 02-26-2003 09:14 PM

The Tight End problem
Not sure what the TE prob was. Basicaly I think AB didn\'t want to throw to them. In this offense. With these WR\'s and Deuce a TE outta eating people alive. 2003 will be radically better I think. Has to be right?

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