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baronm 04-25-2005 11:41 AM

Please sign Shazor..and others

Strengths: Great size...Explosive...Good speed...A punishing tackler...Very physical and loves to hit...A playmaker...Not afraid to come up and support the run...Still has a lot of upside.
Weaknesses: Raw and still developing...Needs to work on his technique...Can be too aggressive at times...Not really a ballhawk...May be a bit of a S / OLB 'tweener and need to work on his body depending on which position he plays.
Notes: Highly touted

prep recruit...Hasn't reached his full potential and has all the physical tools you look for...Could develop into a top all-around safety...Some teams may look at him as a potential linebacker prospect as well.
what's not to like?

ronald stanley

Strengths: Has a ton of experience against high quality opponents...Good tackler...Can rush the passer...Has excellent instangibles and is a team leader.
Weaknesses: Lacks the top speed you look for and isn't a great athlete...Doesn't look natural in coverage...Struggles to shed blockers...Has only average size for the pros.
Notes: Could potentially move to outside linebacker...Doesn't have the measurables but has been productive and is a good team guy...Could make it as a backup
chris mckenzie

Strengths: Extremely fast and quick...Great athleticism...Has a burst and very good recovery speed...Tough and physical...Isn't afraid to throw his body around...Very strong...Can still get a lot better...Good intangibles.
Weaknesses: Doesn't have the height you look for...Needs to bulk up and get stronger...Raw and will need a lot of work and coaching...May only max out as a nickel corner in the pros due to his size.
Notes: One of the fastest players in the Draft...Has a lot of upside and potential...Could be a great extra corner in the pros with proper development
cedric williams

Strengths: Is an excellent natural athlete...Speed and quickness are very good...Has great leaping ability...Is fiery and very competitive...Has a lot of exerience in man coverage and looks natural...Experienced and productive...Can be a playmaker.
Weaknesses: Doesn't have the size you look for and has a slight frame...Not much of a force against the run...May be limited to a backup role in the pros...Overaged prospect who took two years off after high school and will be 27 as a rookie.
Notes: Doesn't have the size you look for but other than that his physical tools are impressive...Looks to be an excellent prospect to play in the nickel.
clifford dukes

Strengths: Has good speed and athleticism for a defensive end...Has a lot of experience and has been very productive...Is a good natural pass rusher...Powerful and has good strength...Is a solid tackler...Team leader.
Weaknesses: A DE / OLB 'tweener who may have to change positions at the next level...Has some minor durability and character questions...Struggles to get off blocks and can get pushed around...Physical tools aren't ideally suited for OLB in the pros.
Notes: Will need to be in the right defensive scheme to succeed...A late round pick at best whose best shot may be as a backup and special teamer.
ben wilkerson
Marcus Lawrence of South Carolina

Strengths: Good size...Strong, tough and likes to hit...Has a true linebackers mentality...Has excellent instincts...Adept at stuffing the run as well as dropping back into coverage...Has some pass rush ability...Makes plays all over the field...Still has a high upside.
Weaknesses: Doesn't have a lot of experience...Raw and needs to work on refining his technique...Has only average speed...Can be too aggressive at times and takes bad angles.
Notes: Highly recruited transfer from Butler County Junior College...Has only played two years of major college football but has what it takes to make an impact at the next level...Intriguing prospect who will only continue to get better and improve

Mike Goolsby of Notre Dame,


Strengths: A gamer who brings a lot of fire and competitiveness to the field...Great size...Good speed...Hard worker who always gives 100%...Excellent instincts...Moves well laterally...Very tough...Team leader.
Weaknesses: Has dealt with some injuries and durability might be a concern...Doesn't look natural when dropping back and will struggle in coverage...Doesn't always play as big as he is.
Notes: Classic blue-collar linebacker but also has some physical tools to work with...Should be a great backup and special teams player at the very least
, James Kinney of Missouri

Strengths: Has a solid, squatty build...Excellent leader and team captain...Works hard...Very smart with great instincts...Has a motor that never stops...Excellent speed...Great athletic ability...Has the range to make plays sideline-to-sideline.
Weaknesses: On the short side...Needs to hit the weight room and get stronger...Doesn't shed blocks well and will have trouble if he is locked onto.
Notes: Could project to outside linebacker in the pros...Has all the physical tools you look for except height and also earns top marks for his intangibles.
and Jonathan Pollard of Oregon State

Strengths: Good frame and a very solid build...Very strong and physical...Great tackler who likes to hit people...A hard worker...Does a nice job on the blitz...Solid speed...Good athlete...Still has a lot of upside and potential.
Weaknesses: A little on the short side...Struggles when asked to drop back into coverage...Doesn't have a ton of experience...Still a little raw and must work on the finer points of playing the position.
Notes: The next in a recent string of Beaver insider linebackers, following in the footsteps of Nick Barnett and Richard Seigler...Has some tools and could really develop and be a steal for someone.

saintswhodi 04-25-2005 11:44 AM

Please sign Shazor..and others
I\'m all about Shazor. Can we get him to add a few pounds and play LB? He is a hitter if nothing else.

baronm 04-25-2005 11:48 AM

Please sign Shazor..and others
there are still some really really good players out there...some even better than those that were picked.

TheDeuce 04-25-2005 12:12 PM

Please sign Shazor..and others
I am all for picking up Shazor. He is big, physical, and a great tackler. He would be money at SS, somebody we could play up close to the line for run support.

Also, this is just speculation, but if Shazor was SS, Bullocks could play FS, and Dwight could play where he has said he wants to play: CB.

Anyways, I would love to see us pick up Shazor.

baronm 04-25-2005 12:20 PM

Please sign Shazor..and others
shazor gets picked up by cardinals....I think I read alive

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