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Boss Bailey

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I would like to see the Saints spend a pick on Boss Bailey if he is still available. The Bailey boys are great athletes. Other than that I would like to get a look at the LB's ( I think ...

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Boss Bailey

I would like to see the Saints spend a pick on Boss Bailey if he is still available. The Bailey boys are great athletes. Other than that I would like to get a look at the LB's ( I think the crop is mediocre) and DB's corners. I have heard some names tossed about but can't really put my finger on any standouts.
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Boss Bailey

Spend a pick on Bailey if he\'s still available in the second round.
I think we\'ve had this topic a month or so back and I still don\'t like the guy. What we really don\'t need is another LB with soapy hands. He sure has the athleticism and fire to play football, but also a history of knee injuries. This year\'s class of LBs is mediocre at best, apart from Henderson and Gerald Hayes noone is worth one of the two first round picks the Saints have. They need to get someone in through free agency.

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Boss Bailey

It\'s the defensive tackles that worry me in the draft. In the mock draft that Pak recently posted FIVE DTs were off of the board before the Saints number 17 pick. That\'s bad. We can find a MLB in free agency, and if not, Henderson should be around when we pick. That\'s an upgrade.

There are plenty of corners and safeties who will still be around for us in the draft also. But with the top five DTs gone, that\'s something the Saints need to address now. Personally, I don\'t consider telling Hand and Jackson that they better lose weight and play better handling the situation. Go out and sign someone. I hope this organization is kicking itself for letting La\'Roi go, and they better realize that the play of their linebackers and safeties will continue to suffer until the find two guys in the inside who can stop the run when it matters and get some pressure on a QB on passing downs.

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Boss Bailey

I just read an article on Nfl.com and they said after the combine they project Boss to be in the top 10 picks. Thats a pretty amazing jump from his previous places on draft list. I think who would be a great addition to our team if we could get him as long as we get a DB as well. You have to think to your self what makes a star in the nfl, hmmmmm...................NAME!!!!!! every one who is a star has a great name. Brian Urlacher, Champ Bailey, Micheal Vick, Deuce McCallister, Keith Brooking, etc. Boss Bailey fits in perfect with all those names the kids going to be a star. DRAFT HIM!!!
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Boss Bailey

ok, first thing, i think it would be great to see brady james in a saints uni, i think he will be a steal for anyone who drafts him, also, i like boss bailey, he is an acceptional athelete just like his brother champ who we all know is a star, i read an article comparing the 2 brothers and they said the only difference between them is boss is about 55 pounds heavier so that is saying alot about this guys ability,

and to comment on how much the 2 first rounders will cost for next year

the first rounders from the 2002 draft in those same picks were:
17th pick Philip Buchanan -Oakland Raiders - 5 years- $7.1 million dollars
18th pick TJ Duckett- Atlanta Falcons - Terms were undisclosed but
19th pick Ashley Lelie- Denver Broncos - 5 Years - $ 7.0 Million Dollars

so it will most likely cost at or around 5 years 7 million for each of these picks

here is a link to the info i posted here today:


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Boss Bailey

i agree gator, but i do think that if the saints do not find anyone in FA, then we must draft one of these linebackers
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Boss Bailey

At first I must admitt that I wasn\'t high on Boss Bailey but after the combine weigh in I was impressed he picked up some weight. The question is do have the talent & durability worth being picked. I think he have the talent but too much of a risk of injury

I would prefer the saints to pick up a defensive tackle cuz i believe the quality of DT will fall rapidly before their 2nd rd. pick. The next pick I am high on getting a DB however I am not sold on picking Andre Woolfolk. They\'re only 3 DB I prefer in the 1st rd. Terrance Newman, Marcus Trufant, and Rashean Mathis.
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Boss Bailey

I think we should worry about picking up a quality cornerback in the First Round. Personally, I don\'t think any of the linebackers available particularly stick out. What would y\'all think about picking up Bradie James? He was the backbone of the defense at LSU that lead the nation in total defense for several games this past season. He\'s also very smart and very mature. Hey may not be very big, but then again, he\'s got a lot of speed. I don\'t think I can remember a play on defense anytime in his college career where he wasn\'t at or near a tackle. I think if we could possibly bring in a veteran LB and put James under his wing, he could turn out to be a great NFL linebacker. What do y\'all think?
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Boss Bailey

God how I loathe the combine.....if you wanna see what a guy can do watch film. It don\'t get no better\'n that....so-to-speak. Lemme sum the combine up in 2 words:
Akili Smith.
It\'s a joke.....BIG joke.

EJ Henderson is a stud, but he\'ll be gone. Boss Bailey..hmmm...not too sure bout him but hey, I wasn\'t very high on Charles Grant either last year. I like Bradie James and Eddie Strong in say the 3rd round.

Personally, I say we deal by swapping 1st rd picks and give a 3rd to a team...say Dallas to snag Henderson or especially Newman if he\'s still on the board.

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