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Devery Henderson a BUST?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ah I see... I just thought it was another retarded thread. I have not read the other thread....

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Devery Henderson a BUST?

Ah I see... I just thought it was another retarded thread. I have not read the other thread.
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Devery Henderson a BUST?

Ah I see... I just thought it was another retarded thread. I have not read the other thread.
Well, it\'s that too. lol
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Devery Henderson a BUST?

Where a player is drafted dosen\'t promise that he\'ll be a star, or scrub. It just means either that particular team either thought highly of him, or had a dire need. I can look back at the last 5 yrs\' 1st and 2nd picks, and don\'t\' recognize a good bit of them.

I doubt Devery is in the doghouse, or Haz wouldnt clearly state that they want him on the field this year, and get rid of Pathon. Playing time is the only way we\'ll see if Devery is the real deal
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Devery Henderson a BUST?

Devery never saw the field because he didn\'t need to.
Horn, Stallworth, Pathon, and Lewis were healthy for all 16 games. Gardner is a better speciasl teams cover guy so there was no need to even activate him.

2005 should be different though.
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Devery Henderson a BUST?

I think it was the holding out got him in the dog house and he was\'nt ever able to get ahead of the other WR\'s. And, i dont know if he did\'nt want to play special teams or what but Haz kept saying last year if your going to be the 4th WR your going to have to play ST.
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Devery Henderson a BUST?

Sullivan is a bust because he wastes whatever talent he does have. Devery has talent but may be a little slow to pick up the playbook and indeed the holdout may have out him in the doghouse. Also, Devery was unpolished coming out of college. Its one thing to be a star on the bubble screens and short passes that he caught in college. Its a whole different thing catching 10, 15, 20 yards passed downfield in the pros. Plus he was playing behind three veterans. You cant label him a bust yet because he hasnt seen the field and hasnt had the chance to produce. Sullivan has seen the field and hasnt produced and that is why he doesnt see the field anymore.
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Devery Henderson a BUST?

Devery Henderson in college was a stud at LSU because of his God given talent. He ran track for the NCAA champion LSU track team. If you go back and look at the biggest plays of Henderson\'s career at LSU you will see lots of screen plays and lots plays where he caught a short pass and used his blazing speed to get past defenders. His hands weren\'t amazing, but they were good enough to make him an explosive college player when he combined it with his speed. Anyways, the point I am trying to make is that Devery is going to be a good player. His speed is unbelievable and he was just VERY raw coming out of school. Give the kid some time, he\'s a wonderful athlete. He just needs to be polished a little bit, but I see his future being very bright.

P.S.- I\'m a starter now B****es

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Devery Henderson a BUST?

OK Gumbo I\'m confused? If I\'m not mistaken in a recent thread you made the bold prediction that HENDERSON would OUTPLAY STALLWORTH this year!

And now ARE we lebeling him a BUST?


Anyways when I first came to see this sight back in FEB I didn\'t know how to post or anything, so I asked a question to the B & G Writers regarding Henderson and Stallworth. Heres the Q & A I got. It might shed some light on the subject?

I Like to keep up with the in and outs of the team, on and off season and this is the place to do it. I\'m curious what people think of the receiving position on the Saints? Obviously by my name I am a huge Stallworth fan and think he\'s the future for this team. We have Joe horn who is money in the bank for 1000 + yds seasons. My question is can we develop stallworth into that type of receiver when Horn demands so much of the balls thrown? Are Pathon and Boo at TE doing enough with their opportunities? when will we see Henderson get more playing time? Thanks for the info and keep up the good work.

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Re: Super Saints Weekly 139: Key Focus (Score: 1)
by JarrodBreaux on Feb 17, 2005 - 05:13 PM

I believe if Stallworth can remain healthy then he will be a deep threat for the Saints for the next several years. The player you will likely see eventually taking over for Horn is Devery Henderson. The Saints were slow in bringing Henderson along this year, but they intend on using him alot more this season & rumor has it that they have had him running alot of the same routes that Horn usually takes. Pathon could be a cap casualty and Boo appears to still have a window of opportunity to prove himself, but its closing rapidly. Don\'t be surprised if the Saints grab a more balanced Tight end if the right one falls into their laps during the draft.

P.S I had a feeling about Pathon being let go! :P

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Devery Henderson a BUST?

Henderson is a decent WR with incredible speed - not talent, b/c his hands aren\'t great.

I thought Henderson in the 2nd was a stretch. The gu\'s value was overblown b/c A) he played across from the BEST WR in college football, B) he played with maybe the most explosive RB tandem in college football, and c) he played on the best team in college football.

I hope the Henderson can learn to catch, learn the playbook, get his a$$ on the field and make big plays - the one thing he did really well in college. However, I am not at all convinced that will happen. Given the way our other young WRs have developed it\'s hard to have much faith that the coaching staff will bring this guy along.

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Devery Henderson a BUST?

See this is where I think a lot of people miss the boat here. WR is not a position you can expect someone coming in from College to come in and make a impact. It takes 3 even 4 years to come in and be consistant performer. There is a major learning curve for WR\'s. When you draft one you have to know you are dealing with a player not really contributing for 3 years. He has a lot to learn. College you can get away with natrual talent, speed, hands. NFL you have to learn how to run away from defenders, find zones, learn a system, read the QB, read the defense.

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