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baronm 04-26-2005 07:56 AM

foxsports team report

DRAFT DISH: The team traded up to grab coveted RT Jammal Brown, who appears able to anchor a line for a decade. He's powerful and physical with great size and fills a major need. That said, the Saints still might have been better served by taking S/OLB Thomas Davis at No. 13 and getting a tackle in the second round, considering they did little to upgrade a porous defense. S Josh Bullocks and ILB Alfred Fincher likely won't start and will be counted on more for special teams in 2005. DT Jason Jefferson and DE Jimmy Verdon are long shots to make the roster. If the defense struggles to stop the run again this season, the team might second-guess itself for taking an offensive player in the first round. QB Adrian McPherson has rare talent; he has excellent mobility and a good arm. McPherson could become the franchise's future starter if he can stay away from the trouble that prematurely ended his college career.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: One position that could use an upgrade is linebacker, where a veteran with the versatility to play inside or outside would be a nice addition. The Saints have several linebackers on the roster, but few are sure things. Courtney Watson and Colby Bockwoldt are being counted on to improve in their second seasons, but both largely are unproven. Reserves Derrick Rodgers, Cie Grant and LeVar Fisher have injury concerns. It would be a good idea to add a free agent in June. Another possibility is another cornerback to provide insurance in case of injury. Otherwise the team has no glaring needs as it heads into summer
would roos or terry have been as good as no..later..maybe..

2. get AM into NFL europe this offseason..get him as much exposure to football as possible. then have him room with bourman to learn the offense--and to keep him off bourbon street/st. charles...and have a performance initiative laden contract that says you screw up your gone. Accountability-what wasn't done with brooks is the key to him being a success.
3. there are still some good FA LB available still..and possibly even the potential for some trades.

LKelley67 04-26-2005 09:15 AM

foxsports team report
much the same as my own assessment-

would dj and khalif barnes at #40 been better serving?

okay on brown then, wh not kevin burnett at #40?

why not #31 from the eagles for howard? get ruud or burnett AND bullocks if you must.

these guys didn\'t see that much in dj or this lb class. the same ones who graded sullivan ahead of kevin williams, marcus trufant, and terrell suggs. the same ones who graded stinchcomb over e.j. henderson and devery henderson over michael boulware.

Euphoria 04-26-2005 09:24 AM

foxsports team report
Yeah but the draft is as much of a gamble as Texas Hold \'em is... and its always much easier to second guess decisions. I am not saying I agree with the decisions but I do like what they did this year... hell honestly I would have tried to get another first round pick to pick up another OL. There was a lot of guys I like on the line and I would have started rebuilding there... I think the line would make a bigger impact improving this team NOW than any other position

WD52 04-26-2005 09:52 AM

foxsports team report
I am with you Euphoria, With the addition of mayberry, and now Jones, the saints are taking care of clock control, building a strenth on the team. I beleive this will make Our Defense at least 50% better without adding a single player to the squad......... We will have less three and outs, thus they will be on the field less, and when they are on the field maybe they will not be in the shadow of there own endzone so much...

LKelley67 04-26-2005 09:53 AM

foxsports team report
there is risk involved so getting more picks is a definite route of increasing your probabilities for success. we could have added #31 and have the howard situation resolved.

also, why weren\'t they on the horn seeing what was being offered by washington? they gave up #76 and their 1st and 4th next year to get #25 from denver!?! hell joe, give me #76 and 1st and 3rd next year and you can move up ten more spots to #16- carlos rogers and aaron rodgers.

that coulda been-
#31 and #40- khalif barnes or marcus johnson AND barrett ruud, kevin burnett, odell thurman or even josh bullocks if you must
#76 and #82- alfred fincher or kirk morrison AND attiyah ellison, darryl blackstock, antonio perkins, or travis daniels

an added 1st and 3rd in 2006 instead of minus a 3rd!

i thought i was getting through recovery from the weekend but pondering this caused a relapse.

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