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GumboBC 04-26-2005 04:23 PM

Rick Reiprish on the radio ...
rick reiprish-scouting director- is on Gerry V talking about the players that were drafted.

On Albert Fincher ... Said Fincher told him that he's coming to New Orleans to lead that defense. He told Rick Reiprish that he knows he comes from a small football program but he (Fincher) deserves to be here.

Reiprish said that Fincher really believes he's going to be the starting MLB and said that Fincher has a real big chip on his shoulder and feels like he has something to prove.

Said he doesn't know whether or not Fincher would start but he believes he's going to be a very good MLB.

Also ... he said Colby Bockwoldt has really added a lot of size and muscle and has really bulked up.

I'll post some more in a few...

saintswhodi 04-26-2005 04:36 PM

Rick Reiprish on the radio ...
Said they like Stinch. Said he didn\'t take any time off in the off-season, added weight and strength in the offseason. Ideal position is left tackle. Also said Devery didn\'t take any time off at all and has been there the whole offseason. Said would not worry about Sticnh if gandy got hurt.

Said there are concerns about Sullivan. But said he is better than in the past. Says the right things but needs to follow up. Blew Gerry V off for an interview. He is taking baby steps.

GumboBC 04-26-2005 04:37 PM

Rick Reiprish on the radio ...
On Adrian McPhearson ... said that they took a chance in the 5th round and if he didn\'t work out then ... oh well ... we took and chance and it didn\'t work out. But thought his troubles were a thing of the past. Too much upside to pass up in the 5th round.

On Jammal Brown\'s wonderlic test. Is of little concern. He knows how to play his position and he\'s going to be a good one. His college career speaks for itself.

On Stinchcomb .. Thinks he\'s going to be a really good player. Hasn\'t done anything since he\'s been a Saint to make him think he\'s not going to be a very good player. Just hasn\'t had an opportunity to play. He\'s put on weight and has improved. His ideal spot is at LT. He\'s in a tough spot with Wayne Gandy playing in front of him. Would not be worrried about Stinch if Gandy went down.

On Sullivan... there are concerns. He\'s taken baby steps. Says the right things at times. Needs to be consistent. Sully is determined and said he\'s going to come back and be a good player.

On Devery .. put himself in a bad situation by holding out last year. He\'s gotten bigger and stronger. Thinks Devery is going to come in and be a factor this year.

saintswhodi 04-26-2005 04:40 PM

Rick Reiprish on the radio ...
Said undrafted FAs they signed was that LB Roos I put an article in here about. Said reminds him of colby. Also a RB from Texas A&M named Keith Joseph I think. 250 lbs. Has played FB and RB. They are gonna try him at RB. And some guard from Oregon.

GumboBC 04-26-2005 04:43 PM

Rick Reiprish on the radio ...
Thanks for adding those comments, whodi.

Gerry V gets all the Saints on sooner or later. And the coaches, GM, and everyone else.

saintswhodi 04-26-2005 04:54 PM

Rick Reiprish on the radio ...
Just wanted to make sure there wasn\'t a repeat of that AB in a QB competition from 2002 nonsense. ;)

FireVenturi 04-26-2005 07:46 PM

Rick Reiprish on the radio ...
I\'ll believe all this crap when i see it.......seems like the same song concerning players every year. He added muscle, he re-dedicated, he\'s working hard, well..... we will see!!!

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