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LKelley67 04-27-2005 08:46 AM

Maybe Smoke Signals
I am working myself out of the funk from the draft. To be clear, I don't count it as a bad draft. At least a C or better as most folks score. It was a sense of what could have been that threw me for a loop. I won't rehearse all the DJ, Khalif Barnes, Ruud, Burnett scenarios again. I have been reading up on all the picks to have all the background and insight possible. JKool is theorizing they will implement a cover 2 left-right safety scheme similar to the Bucs. That will get Bullocks into the lineup more than just being a nickel-dime package guy while Smith roams free safety. As I reviewed information and thought more about Mayberry and Smith a possible positive insight came to me. I am only a wacky fan sccouring information primarily for fans. They are professionals getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to scout and evaluate players. We know from the past that Haslett is among the strongest of sending out disinformation approaching the draft. Maybe they had more of a plan all along than I realized. Maybe from the time Mayberry and Smith were signed the supposed plans for them were nothing but more Haslett bs to camoflauge the draft. Maybe there was never real intention of Mayberry to tackle (it was a risky if not scary proposition). Maybe from way back they saw at #16 they would be able to nab an OT to start (Barron, Brown, or Barnes). Maybe Dwight Smith was never intended to be a free safety but line up at corner across form McKenzie. He did make his desire to play corner very clear when he entered the free agent market. Maybe Bullocks will be the starting free safety from day one from such design. As for a 3rd round linebacker they must think that is THE linebacker round. There was no 2000 third round pick. In every year since they choose a LB in round three- '01 Hodge, '02 Allen, '03 Grant, '04 Watson, now '05 Fincher. Parcells says his defense sucks and he is gonna go after defensive guys. Haslett appears to favor subterfuge. Maybe it was even more involved than having everyone think Marcus Trufant was a target in '03. It feels better to think there might have been some plan more than what appears on the surface anyway. I just hope it works out better than not taking Trufant if there is.

saintswhodi 04-27-2005 08:50 AM

Maybe Smoke Signals
One correction Kell. Watson was our second second round pick after Henderson, not a 3rd. But we did bust on the other 3. I believe we traded our 3rd rounder that year for Washington\'s second this year, that\'s how we had two before we traded for McKenzie. Other than that, I too will pray there is a plan. A plan to trade Howard for Corey Simon. But nontheless, a plan instead of this mindless muckity doo it has looked like the past few years.

LKelley67 04-27-2005 09:00 AM

Maybe Smoke Signals
Oops, almost a 3rd there LOL

ya, I am just scraping, trying to find some hope. Drops like McPherson are exciting. Stretches like Lyman are, well, stretches.

I just had a refreshed pissed off thought... HTF can Haslett get an extension??? If there was ever a make or break season for a coach this is it. Last year should have been, he even gets a Louisiana lagniappe mercy year.

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