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baronm 04-27-2005 10:56 AM

espn on ab and am

gabe (Baltimore)
Gary, I was interested to see where Mcphereson would end up, but it New Orleans! He's somewhat of a project, but does him being drafted give notice to Aaron Brooks?

Yorkis (Philly)
What are the chances that Adrian McPherson unseats Aaron Brooks in New Orleans at some point this season?

jeff (new orleans)
Do you really think the Saints was the right team to draft McPherson. He needs a veteran quarterback to mentor him. I don't think A. Brooks is too far along in his progress to mentor a raw talent. Your thoughts.

I think McPherson is a very interesting prospect and I don't think the Saints drafted him for Aaron Brooks to mentor ... just because we dont' think of Brooks as a mentoring-type guy. He makes too many mistakes of his own! McPherson certainly has the chance to be a competitor and while he won't take over Aaron any time soon, Aaron's inconsistency could open a crack in the door for another QB in the next few seasons as the Saints keep suffering in a roller-coaster offense. I think McPherson has a good chance to get some quality play time, but don't expect him to come in an be the savior of this franchise.

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