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What is Benson doing?!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; whodat i wasnt kidding. but of course im not making a general statement even though that is how it would seem because i didnt go into it further. my mother in law was a teacher in new york and she ...

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What is Benson doing?!

whodat i wasnt kidding. but of course im not making a general statement even though that is how it would seem because i didnt go into it further. my mother in law was a teacher in new york and she had a lot of children come in and ask her for pencils and paper because they didnt have it. well they have programs down here (va)where you can donate supplies like that. i dont donate those supplies because the kids do nothing for them. it is not that i really care to have children do anything for those supplies but i think you send a really bad message when you give school supllies to children for free and they are already learning that if you cant afford it someone else will get it for you. i would like to see them do something to earn it or at least make them believe they are earning it to stop the mind set that plagues that class of people. yes i am sorry that it would offend people that i feel that poor people are the problem with society. i dont want to get into this any further but i think what my point is is that if you give things to people who have done nothing to earn them you are encouraging a mind set that is destructive. instead we should encourage people who need help to earn the money they need. even if they receive the money for volunteering for 10 hours a week. at least they will feel like they are accomplishing something and you can start to make a little tiny dent in that mind set. there is a ghetto not far from me maybe 15 minutes. i see all of those children and i cant help but think about those poor children and how almost all will amount to nothing. i would love nothing more than at some point in my life if i can make enough money to open some form of a center down there for those children where they can come and get something to eat, play sports and also for maybe 30 minutes to an hour learn about finances. then maybe something could change for some of them. i would also hope their parents, the ones that didnt work, could learn some of those same things with them.

i apologize if i seem like a cold jerk. but i do see the poor as a major problem and i dont think just giving them money is the answer. it hasnt worked so far.

also heres a story i think best explains my point. when my father was in his teens there was a family in philly that lived near him and the husband lost his job. my father was earning money and would go by there every week and drop off a little money. something to help them. (nice that people used to want to do that.) one week when he couldnt get over there on his normal night, they came over to his home knocking at the door asking where their money was.

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What is Benson doing?!

Benson is doing excatly what got him in the position to even bid on an NFL franchise.

He agreed to a deal that was favorable to him, and expects the state to abide by it. He has the right to at least attempt to make as much profit possible. He agreed to renovations. The Dome needs them to compete for Super Bowl and other high profile events, anyway.

I\'d rather pay a buck more per six-pack, than live here without the Saints. The state needs to find some creative sources of revenue, to live up to their agreed upon obligations.

They can\'t blame Benson for their signing deals that they can\'t honor. They need to blame themselves for not improving our school system, quality of life, pollution, corruption, and other issues that repel heavy hitting companies.

With a more solid tax base, corporate support, and higher income per capita, we wouldn\'t be discussing Benson\'s demands. If I see one more news brief about a new hotel being built downtown to offer more minimun wage jobs, I\'ll scream.

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