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SCSaint 04-28-2005 12:48 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"

Governor not optimistic, but is trying to resume talks
Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Gov. Kathleen Blanco was attempting to revive talks with Saints owner Tom Benson on Thursday, a day after he cut off negotiations until next year on a long-term agreement with the state to stay in New Orleans.
The governor said she planned to make one more phone call to his office to try to speak to Benson, though she wasn't optimistic about her prospects to restart the stalled negotiations.
"I don't know that it would make any difference. I have no reason to believe it would, but I think it would just be personal satisfaction to hear it from him," she told reporters.

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ScottyRo 04-28-2005 02:33 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
Well, without stepping too much into political discussion, I don\'t care for Blanco as Gov. However, I\'ve been pretty impressed with how she has handled this situation so far.

I hope she continues to press Benson and makes him make it clear to everyone that he could care less if La goes bankrupt as long as he gets his $$$.

FireVenturi 04-28-2005 05:59 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
the state did agree to the deal right? ;)

GumboBC 04-28-2005 06:09 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
If the State of Louisiana owed me some money, then I want it. It\'s not my fault the State has made bad decisions in the past. I had nothing to do with it.

Benson was promised money from the previous governor. The State should honor that commitment. If not, I suspect many folks won\'t believe the State will honor any of Blanco\'s deals once she is out of office.

If the State doesn\'t feel like the Saints are worth the investment, then they should just cut bait.

But, Governor Foster made a commitment. It should be honored. If I was Benson ... I really don\'t want to hear some \"sob\" story.

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FireVenturi 04-28-2005 06:11 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
exactly my point billy, they agreed to the deal so both parties should uphold their end....or isn\'t that a breach of contract?

spkb25 04-28-2005 07:27 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
scotty it isnt his job to care if the state goes bankrupt. that is left for the elected officials. his job is to make money. im sure there is no wasteful spending by the state helping them go bankrupt. im sure there are no useless governemnt jobs going to people who are being paid large amounts of money because they helped on the campaign. you know andrew jackson and his idea that to the victor go the spoils. like i said it is not bensons job to care about the state going bankrupt. his job is to make sure HE doesnt. we are suppose to live in a country based on capitalism. it seems to be getting more and more like a system of communism.

Kristomac 04-28-2005 07:56 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
Benson has renegotiated for more money with every gonvernor since he bought the team, with th exception of Roemer. All deals were final, and supposed to last for 20+ years. None lasted more than 3 before Benson was whining for more from the State. He\'s got a lot of freakin\' nerve to say he expects the State to stick with it\'s agreement when he NEVER has. :P

That being said, the bottom line will always be that the Saints provide income for the State. The argument is how much the State wants to pay for that income. The Stateof Louisiana has never paid the Saints more money than they have earned from them. Even at the current Foster/Saints contract, the State gets a lot more money than it pays. If the state prefers 100% of nothing rather than 20% of $21,000,000.00, then they are the idiots everyone believes them to be, and they don\'t deserve an NFL team. Like Houston, they will realize after the Saints leave that an NFL franchise is an irreplaceable thing.

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blackwidows 04-28-2005 08:23 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
Well all I have to say is i\'m sick of this soap opera. It has been saturated with to much ice whats the next flavor no ice please!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow basically what i\'m saying is maybe Benson is stalling negotioations because the season is coming up and it is just a distraction to the team. Maybe i\'m reading to much into things but thats what it seems like. Not only that there was suppose to be a deadline I beleive for the state to come up with an agreement or The state would honor the contract. You know this is not fair to the fans at all this retarded **** has gone on for 5 years now enough is enough.
I\'m getting to the point to where it is not even a threat the Saints moving it is just a joke to me in away. All I know is two things. One Los Angeles wants there own people. Local people from Los Angeles to run there franchise not Benson. Secondly the NFL wants a franchise in Los angeles bye 2008. All I know is I would not even bother even let the possibility of the Saints moving cross my mind anymore if you don\'t here it bye the end of this year it most likely will not happen. It takes more than two years to organise a franchise. Well we know one thing Minnesota is no longer a candidate to move to Los angeles. If anything I see the Saints moving to
San antonio.

spkb25 04-28-2005 08:45 PM

Blanco to make "one more call"
blanco making one more call is her way to make sure the voters know she is trying everything posssible and that benson is just unreasonable. of course most people would side with her. benson is just a greedy old man. he should be willing to take what they offer. for god sakes he has enough money already. why does he need more. as our country continues to hate the rich. that should be the name of the soap opera. my god really dont we? isnt everything the politicains say about hurting the rich and helping the middle class and the poor. anyone in here who isnt poor ( probally almost all of us) should know better. christ the rich own corporations. they dont pay taxes until after their expenses. we all pay taxes before our expenses. almost all of us arent considered poor. this is who they tax. its not the poor or the rich its the middle class especially the upper midle class. its not like the elected officials have mediacre or social security. why are we counting on theese. have your own savings. man dont worry about the two new cars and the brand new 250000 dollar house. worry about how you can make money from your money. i would hope that anyone that reads this post would pick up a book called rich dad poor dad. do yourself a favor. honesty. i did at the advice of someone else and it has changed my life. what could it hurt to read it.

WhoDat 04-29-2005 09:00 AM

Blanco to make "one more call"

If the State of Louisiana owed me some money, then I want it. It\'s not my fault the State has made bad decisions in the past. I had nothing to do with it.

Benson was promised money from the previous governor. The State should honor that commitment. If not, I suspect many folks won\'t believe the State will honor any of Blanco\'s deals once she is out of office.

All due respect Billy - I think that this is a pretty \"simple\" way of looking at it.

Just consider what you said in a different context - The Saints agreed to pay Darren Howard $8 million this year. They should just honor that and stop the sob story about the salaey cap and signing other players. Howard got a good deal - why should he renegotiate to only make $2 millio or $4 million this season b/c the team has money problems????

Things just don\'t work that way in the real world, ESPECIALLY not in business. Modification of contract due to changing economic conditions probably happens 100 times a day in this country.

What is going on here is this:

Tom Benson swindled the State when Foster was in office. He knows that the has tricked the State and has the best sweetheart deal in the league, which is difficult at best and harmful at worst for the state. Now, rather than show that, in good faith, he will negotiate a new deal to keep the Saints here long-term that is beneficial to BOTH parties, he\'s willing to turn his back on the state and say \"tough sh!t.\" Only a car dealer could do that.

If your wife went and bought a $40,000 car for the two of you one day, and two weeks later the engine blew up, making the car utterly worthless - when you brought it to the dealership, would you want them to work with you, or turn their back and say, \"Sorry, you bought the car, it\'s your problem - your next payment is due in two week, and they better keep coming for 6 years!\"????

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