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progress 02-27-2003 03:05 PM

Raiders dangling C. Woodson for first-round pick
I say give them the 18th and sign woodson to the long term deal. He\'ll only be 27 when the season starts (26 now d.o.b. 10/76). The broken leg wasn\'t a horrible injury and he should have a full recovery. The best we can get in the draft is Woolfolk and he is still going through the transition process from WR. Woodson would solve our problems for some time to come. With the cap the way it is this team may only be together a few more years, the time to win is now.

WhoDat 02-27-2003 03:23 PM

Raiders dangling C. Woodson for first-round pick
I like the idea... depending on what it would take to sign Woodson. He\'s great, but I don\'t know if we need great. In my mind, the Saints are a team that gets by with an attacking front seven. A return to the blitzing pressure style of defense that we\'ve used for the last fifteen years alleviates the need for studs at corner. If it\'s between Woodson for three or four million a year and a solid cover-guy who isn\'t that kind of a star for half, I go with the cheaper of the two.

pakowitz 02-27-2003 08:29 PM

Raiders dangling C. Woodson for first-round pick
i think it would an excellent trade to make for the saints, lets look at what we would be giving up, most likely the raiders would want the 17th pick from us and who would we be drafting with this pick? a rookie, who no matter who it is, is going to have learn the game at NFL speed, and we would be getting, one of the best shutdown corners in the league, i think it would be great, i say, if they are willing to do it, then do it, man, what an offseason that would be, picking up a player of woodsons caliber and possibly spikes wow, that would be killer

lumm0x 02-27-2003 10:51 PM

Raiders dangling C. Woodson for first-round pick
We would be stupid not to take advantage of this. Consider that we wil more than likely draft a CB with one of our two 1st\'s. We then get an unproven commodity that may be the next Alex Molden and not Charles Woodson. Woodson is a proven shut down corner. His lack of picks and passes defended only reinforces that, he doesn\'t get thrown at.
I drool to think we could start Carter and Woodson. Just having two corners that can play man opens up our defense to so many more blitz options and isolations it is unbelievable. We have had to play for a few years without a CB that can actually take a section of the field away and ou safeties get drawn out of their strengths. I agree with Whodat on the unfair treatment and scapegoating of Sammy Knight last year.

WhoDat 02-28-2003 09:40 AM

Raiders dangling C. Woodson for first-round pick
Sure it\'s a good pickup. Any time you can get a guy like Woodson for a first rounder, go for it. However, don\'t forget that we will have to pay him top five corner salary. That will affect our ability to pick up linebackers, DTs, safeties, etc. Some other area will be suffer somewhat from having to give this guy the kind of money he wants. I think it\'s a great idea for the Saints, yes, but keep in mind the ripple effect.

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