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mutineer10 05-01-2005 09:54 AM

Duncan: Saints unlikely to march out...

Benson has consistently said he wants to keep the team in New Orleans and eventually turn it over to his granddaughter, Rita LeBlanc, who is a team executive. Last month, he even offered to drop the team's exit clause if the state -- which has a one-time, 30-day option to cancel the current deal after the 2007 season -- would do likewise. State officials declined.


"I don't want to move. I don't want to sell," Benson said. "We have three choices: We can build a new stadium, extend and enhance our current agreement -- or tell us to leave."

Those close to Benson believe moving the team would be strictly a last resort.

"I'm not predicting that the team is going anywhere. If anything, I'm predicting the alternative," Ganis said. "Because Tom Benson has consistently shown over the last few years that his loyalty to New Orleans outweighs his economic self-interest."

Didn't really make me feel much better, but at least someone thinks the Saints are gonna stay. The full article gives some interesting pros and cons regarding moving an NFL team to LA (mostly stadium issues), which he theorizes Benson won't want to trouble himself with. Perhaps he'd simply sell, but it makes sense that he'd wanna keep the Saints here so he's not putting his family out of a job!

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