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GumboBC 05-01-2005 11:44 AM

Can we get some volunteers?
I've been reading the board, and one thing I'd like to see is more in-depth analysis on the rest of the teams in the NFC South.

I think Atlanta has improved, but I think they still have a weakness on the OL and at receiver. However, I'm not sure of that.

Do we have anyone who would like to volunteer to do the research and give up an in-depth analysis on one team in the NFC South?

I'll volunteer to do a report on one of our division foes. But, I'm fine if we can find 3 other guys. I'd just like to know the facts.

[Edited on 1/5/2005 by GumboBC]

[Edited on 1/5/2005 by GumboBC]

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