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The Great Deuce Dilemma

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I like the idea of the stratospheric level of the sky....

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The Great Deuce Dilemma

I like the idea of the stratospheric level of the sky.
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The Great Deuce Dilemma

What would it take to make you stick with Smith?
He would have to come over here personally and change my new Deuce jersey.
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The Great Deuce Dilemma

I think if this came to be and Smith proved to be a quality back up rb in duece\'s absence then we stay with him as long as the job is getting done and until Deuce proves he is healthy enough to resume the role. Make no mistakes...Deuce is our future and he is still a young guy. Smith\'s days/years are numbered. He may have a great year or even two if Deuce did go down but the real question is can he provide a future beyond a year or two? I think with deuce you get more of a future of productivity long term. Of course one major injury can change all........
Let me pose this question to you.....what if Smith gets injured in his first play of action? Do we replace him or just lean on Deuce? Point is if Smith can compete with Deuce and win the battle in training camp then he should be the satrter and Deuce the back up. I would hope that ALL positions are pretty much up for grabs to the best performer during camp. This includes ALL positions and RB is one of them. I believe Deuce will win out and is our RB for some time to come. To finally answer your question....Stick with the one that brought you there. Two quality RB\'s that can get the job done is by no means a bad thing. I also say sign Deuce LONG TERM regardless of what Smith does in one year.
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The Great Deuce Dilemma

..one thing I don\'t get is why a player being a \"pro-bowler\" makes any difference.. The Pro Bowl selection is but a popularity/numbers contest...
Not accurate in most cases. Joe Horn made the pro bowl last year, and as popular as he is in NO, he is not considered a widely popular NFL player.

What else can you judge the pro bowl candidates by except for numbers??? They are the bottom line most of the time.

... what happened to Stecker, anyway? I thought he was decent when Deuce went down...
It seems to me that Stecker had 1 1/2 ok games, and then fizzled out. In any case, A. Smith is an upgrade.
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The Great Deuce Dilemma

Stecker more of a 3rd down back and our line so sucked... that\'ll hurt most backs. This year Deuce should be primed for a great season with the adjustments on the line... Deuce to the Pro-Bowl.
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RE: The Great Deuce Dilemma

Why? Is the line going to make him more popular? LOL
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