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D_it_up 03-02-2003 06:59 PM

Sign of a busy free agency? Saints sign 3
I just read where LT Wayne Gandy and the Saints agreed on a contract. That's a HUGE plus on the O-line. It is now almost a given that Kyle Turley will be traded. I will miss Turley, but the Saints need people that want to be there. It's obvious that he doesn't. Gandy will make a great replacement for him, though. I haven't seen much of WG, so I'm not sure how his tenacity is, but that could be the only thing the Saints lose from that position. I think Gandy will be a more than capable replacement.

Also, I read where the Saints have made moves to shore up their defense with the signings of MLB Orlando Ruff and CB Ashley Ambrose. Ruff is a big, fast, and physical LB who will be a marked improvement at the position. He'll be one of the run-stoppers the Saints have been lacking. I like this pick-up. One question, though. Does this mean the Saints won't be signing another free agent LB or will they just take their chances by drafting one with one of their first round picks? In my opinion, they'll go after Boss Bailey or E.J. Henderson. With Hodge, Allen, Smith, Ruff, and one of these rookies, I believe the Saints will be tremendously upgraded at the linebacker position.

Finally, I'll turn my attention to Ashely Ambrose. I'm not sure about you guys, but frankly, I'm kinda glad to see double A back in black. I'm not sure if the contract was smart, but i think he'll provide good defensive leadership alongside Dale Carter. I may be totally off base with this, but it could mean the rumors of shifting Keyou Craver to safety would become an increasing reality. The question would remain of who would be the starters at cornerback. Dale Carter and Ashely Ambrose? or Dale Carter and Fred Thomas? Personally, it would be great to see them shuffle in and out to give the receivers a change of pace each play. Plus you still have Fahkir Brown and Ken Irvin for nickle and dime packages. It should be pretty deep at corner. This leads me to think that the Saints will possibly go for Mike Doss in the draft if he is still available. Then again, you just never know how the Saints will make things pan out.

JOESAM2002 03-02-2003 09:13 PM

Sign of a busy free agency? Saints sign 3
Frankly I\'m glad to see all these signings. I think the team just got a whole lot better. I too am glad to see Ambrose back with the Saints. I think he did a good job while he was here. I still would like to have seen them go after Woodson, but, hey I\'ll settle for Ambrose. I think our corners just got a whole lot better. Well it looks like things are picking up on the free agent scene, maybe we can look forward to some more signings. :D

LaFootballMagScout 03-02-2003 11:20 PM

Sign of a busy free agency? Saints sign 3

LaFootballMagScout 03-02-2003 11:32 PM

Sign of a busy free agency? Saints sign 3
Ashley Ambrose wil be a security blanket for this organization. He will fill in nicely at the nickel spot. Orlando Ruff could be the next Joe Horn. He was behind all pro Donnie Edwards. Wayne Gandy is an upgrade emotionally but a down grade as far as future. Look for him to be in New Orleans 3 years and see you later. 5 million dollar signing bonus screems 3 year deal. Bye Kyle Turley. Saints are looking for a 1 rounder but probably will settle for a early second this year or 1st next year. Expect more unexpected names to pop up in New Orleans. Next might be a guy named Tekeo Spikes. Saints fans need to be excited about drafting the best availble player and not drafting for need.

Draft scenerio.

1st Kevin Williams or Kenny Peterson DTs
1st Rashean Mathis FS/CB Pray that you get him. This guy is a fast and big Sammy K.
2nd ( for Kyle Turley) Houston Pick Kelly Washington. Slips because of attitude
2nd Chaun Thompson LB Speed kills and he has 4.6 in a 245 pound body.
3rd LJ Smith TE
3rd Domick Davis RB

Take Care

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