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Why so negative?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; opps my bad impatience...

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my bad
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Hey i'm not getting on you but do you really expect positive talk, when before Aaron Brooks throws a pass they booooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! him.
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do they boooo him or are they cheering for boooooo williams???????
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Now thats funny are they cheering for boo williams!!!!!!!!
Well I think when the announcers even ask why are they booing before he throws a pass it says something. NICE JOKE THERE I LIKE THAT.
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Even though a chameleon can change it's colors to disguise itself against predators, deep down inside, it's still a ****ing lizard.
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That's a great quote BnB. LOL.

You learn that in one of those trannie bars you hang out at?!?! LOL

(NOTE: that was a joke. BnB is not a trannie... not that I know of. He and I are friends. We can joke like that. If anyone has a problem, PM me.)

Back to BnB - how do you know so much about the color of other dudes' lizards?

Here comes that wrath... LOL
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Re: Why so negative?

Originally Posted by VooDoo
Hi, guys. I'm new to the board. BTW, Nice site. But why so negative in here?

Where's the postive news that I see posted elsewhere? Y'all just don't like reading that stuff I suppose.
Its getting pretty damn old and worn out isn't it. This has to be the most negative sight I know of. Just a big fat kill joy pity party. I didn't realize it until we went down and I frequented other sites.
I'm fed up
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RE: Re: Why so negative?

I agree that it is frustrating when a group of people cannot find the good in anything, but I find it the same when people see no wrong with things when there obviously is.

I, too, went to other sites during the outage, but I didn't really see much difference in way of attitude about the Saints. Some people just want to buy the hype and the potential and others don't.

I just hope that when I am criticizing the team or the FO eveyone realizes it's just because I want the team to win.

It takes all kinds to have the best discussion.
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RE: Re: Why so negative?

Danno, I couldn't tell if you were joking, but I found all the sites to be about the same in terms of negativity and positivity (is that a word?). While I found the character of some sites a bit different, I found the overall types of posts, content of posts, posters, etc. to be about the same.

I feel that there are some guys I know pretty well here, and I think the site is easy to get around on (I also like the new features!). I also feel like there are a couple of places where discussion gets rapidly off track and is sometimes even non-sensical. Thus, my preference for here. However, I can see why some people might like other options.

I like you're role as the new White Wizard; I'd be sad if you're tired of it already.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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RE: Re: Why so negative?

Wow, I just read this entire thread for the first time and I am amazed at this new guy, VooDoo. I'm glad to have you hear man and I hope you can make some positive contributions to the board. However, I do see a little problem with how you started this thread. You asked a question, basically "Why is everybody so negative?" Saintswhodi gave you an answer, maybe with some of his patented sarcasm thrown in, but it was his honest opinion, and to me (an outside party), it seemed to be totally subjective, and nothing like a personal attack or "calling you out." He gave his opinion, and it seemed to me like you took it personally and jumped to conclusions because you didn't agree with what he was saying. Anyways, I know that there is some negativity on this site, but honestly, what team is it for? The New Orleans Saints???? Yes, that's right, the team that has won 1 playoff game in the entire history of the franchise. Trust me, every guy on this board loves the Saints. If they didn't, then they wouldn't take all the time to post and make thoughtful commentaries. They love the football team, but sometimes it's hard to keep rooting for a losing team, or an 8-8 team. If somebody feels that there shouldn't be any negativity, and that everybody should be positive about every little thing, well then that screams naivete. As a Saints fan, I believe everybody has the right to a little pessimism. If this were a Patriots board, and I saw all this negativity, then I would definitely be irked considering they've won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. But it's not, it's the Saints.

When I get on B&G and I start reading the posts I don't see too much negativity, I see a nice blend of realism and optimism. Anyways, glad to have you hear. Hope to read some good stuff from you later.
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