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VooDoo 05-17-2005 03:17 PM

The 2nd time is the charm.
Let me try this again. Hello everyone. Nice board. :D

I see from reading this board that we have a lot of sceptical Saints' fans. I suppose missing the playoffs for 4 straight years might make one skeptical. I too am skeptical. And will remain skeptical until this team proves it can compete with the big boys and make the playoffs.

What you guys will find out about me is that I don't mind bashing this team or it's players and coaches if it's called for. I think Jim Haslett is an inferior coach. I think Micky Loomis has no business being a GM in the National Football League. And I think Tom Benson really isn't commited to winning like some other NFL owners are.

All that being said, I am highly impressed with the additions that have been made. And the subtractions also ..... (tebucky jones & victor riley)

You'd have to look long and hard in the NFC South to find a team that matched up talent-wise with the Saints. The Panthers have just as many problems. So do the Falcons. In fact, the Falcons are one "Vick" injury away from being the worst team in the NFC South.

Yeah, we've got our problems. But we've got just as much chance of anyone in the NFC South. I'll worry about the rest later.

JKool 05-17-2005 03:29 PM

RE: The 2nd time is the charm.
Hello VooDoo.

Welcome to the board. I'm glad you like it.

I'm feeling some deja vu...

I agree. We made some excellent additions. I like Mayberry (at RG), and I think Dwight Smith is a most excellent addition. I also like the McKenzie pick up from last year.

I'm pretty excited to see Fincher play. I like Brown, though I'm sad that we didn't get DJ. The rest of our rookies are wait and see for me.

I don't like the cutting of Tebucky. It cost us more than in saved in cap space, and he could have contributed on special teams, he was our leading tackler last season, and he could have played the SS spot (instead of using a pick on Bullocks we could have got a LB).

We agree on Loomis.

WhoDat 05-17-2005 04:20 PM

RE: The 2nd time is the charm.
Hey Voodoo - nice post.

I agree that the Saints are the most talented team in the NFC South. Problem is, that they've been the most talented team in the NFC South for 4 years and where has that gotten them? They also seem to chronically overlook defensive problems (DT/LB), and this offseason has been no exception.

IMO, the problem is this: the Saints are the most talented team, and worst run/coached. I mean, rank Fox, Mora, Gruden, and Haslett. At best Haslett could be 3rd. IMO, he's last. I see a lot of the same old problems.

That's not to say that I don't see the possibility of an 11-5 season. I do. My problem is that I've seen that POTENTIAL for years and I've witnessed RESULTS that fell far short. :?

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