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papz 05-18-2005 12:57 PM

THE DISH on Saints offseason stars...

WR Devery Henderson and LB Colby Bockwoldt have been two star pupils in the Saints' off-season program. Both have led the Saints in strength gains.

Some might say it was easy for Henderson to make gains because he had so little strength as a rookie. But the Saints are pleased with Henderson and believe his added strength will enhance his speed and help make him an impact player this season. Bockwoldt, another second-year player, is expected to start this season now that he has the strength to go along with speed, intelligence and toughness.

That's pretty good news in my book. Not to mention Stinchy is having a great offseason himself. Things are looking up for our young players... hopefully we will hear some good news on Sullivan soon. If these players continue to improve, our future is looking brighter every minute.

WhoDat 05-18-2005 02:10 PM

RE: THE DISH on Saints offseason stars...
I agree that this is good news. The problem with the Saints for a while has been talent development.

That said, don't these rumors come out every offseason? And aren't they false more often than they're true? I want to see it on the field. But the news on Stinchcomb, Buckwoldt, and Henderson has been good.

Buckwoldt is a guy I loved since his first game. He's got that underdog never give up quality that makes you root for him. I hope he is a solid Saints LB for years to come. I think he can be.

Saying that Henderson added strength, and that will help his speed is either a misquote or some people over at the training facility are smokin' something. First, you just don't get much faster than Henderson already is. Second - strength in the NFL usually means bulk. More weight usually equals slower (just ask Deuce). More strength should help his development as a WR and his ability to stay healthy through a 16 game season... but it most likely won't improve his speed.

saintswhodi 05-18-2005 02:10 PM

I agree with that. Things look a lot better if these young players actually are developing at the rate we are being told. Very encouraging. I sure as hell hope Devery at least gets on the field. Kid's speed is off the chain. He is a gamebreaker, and we could use it. If Colby's strength gains are true, he could play SLB. That would be ideal. He would still have to learn how to shed block, but with his speed and improved strength he should be able to make some hay. I only hope Stinch can surplant Gandy. Then Lt, RT, and C are set for years, as well as G with Montrae. I have no hope for Sullivan.

saintswhodi 05-18-2005 02:13 PM

I think it said enhance his speed Who, not make him faster. Basically I see it like this, if he is fast, and can't shed a corner before 5 yards, his speed is useless. But if he is fast, and he is now able to shed that guy due to added strength, that enhances his speed cause he will actually get to use it.

FireVenturi 05-18-2005 04:56 PM

Devery gettin faster!!!!! Jeez that would be awesome, dont he already run like a 4.3? Colby might have beast potential! Stinkcomb? Well, prove me wrong!!! Sully, I heard he lost a few lbs lately, but who cares he is a worthless tub-o-lard!

JKool 05-19-2005 12:26 AM

By "faster" they are probably referring to playing speed, and not raw speed; I think this was Whodi's point. Playing speed can definitely be improved by adding bulk - cutting and shedding (as Whodi notes) both require more strength and agility than mere speed. I'm sure Devery is improving - he's got no where to go but up, right?

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