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DomeFoam 05-19-2005 10:50 PM

Former Gov. Mike Foster on Saints' deal

Once again, in today's paper, I read an article in which my own state senator, Butch Gautreaux, criticized the Saints deal. Granted, he is not too quick and seems to be wrong on most things, but it is still disappointing to read, nonetheless.

In addition, I would like to congratulate the Legislature for not falling for a bill by Sen. Rob Marioneaux that would forever keep the state from working with a sports franchise.

If we are going to argue about this issue, please remember the words of my good friend David Tyree of WWL radio who likes to say about the deal, "I (the state of Louisiana) will give you $1 all day long if you (the Saints) give me $2 back." For the record, the last thing I did before signing this agreement was to check with a noted, reputable economist to verify that this agreement would not only keep the franchise in our state but would continue to make the state money into the future. The majority of what the state pays out comes from the hotel/motel tax (paid for by out-of-state visitors, not our own taxpayers) and the rest of what is paid to the team is doubled or tripled back to the state through revenues generated by the Saints' organization.

I am so tired of hearing people speculate where they're going to spend the money if we run the Saints off or where the money should have been spent. The fact is, without the Saints, we will have to find money to replace what we will lose. Losing the Saints will result in another state's gain of an NFL team, Louisiana's permanent loss of an NFL franchise, loss of high-paying jobs in the New Orleans area and a hole in the state budget that will be almost impossible to fill.

M.J. "Mike" Foster Jr., former governor
Baton Rouge

Euphoria 05-19-2005 11:10 PM

RE: Former Gov. Mike Foster on Saints
AGREE AGREE AGREE... I think it should break down as this... we'll fork over money as a state but thats him to do what he pleases but thats it... he should take that money and spend it on the dome, and facilities as well. That saints camp is a nice deal can't image he needs more except renovating the dome.

ScottyRo 05-20-2005 12:12 AM

RE: Former Gov. Mike Foster on Saints
Yeah, Mike helps me keep this all in perspective. I've been fairly outspoken about my dislike of Benson's tactics and the fact that the state is having trouble getting the money to pay him and he seems to care so little.

I do think the state should keep paying (less after new deal can be struck and until Benson can be "competitive" with the money the Saints make on their own) because to do otherwise would be to break a legitimate deal. It'd just be nice for him to quit posturing so much and get down to business (without so much of the perceived greed).

Euphoria 05-20-2005 10:41 AM

RE: Former Gov. Mike Foster on Saints
Another thing to keep in mind is what this all really is about is bringing a Super Bowl to New Orleans again. The NFL wants to bring anothe Super Bowl to New Orleans, they love having it in New Orleans. The time table now doesn't work for either side. I am not sure the year but before New Orleans could get the 2010 bid they want New Orleans to ink a deal with the Saints... NFL doesn't want to have a Super Bowl in a non-NFL city. Getting a deal done soon will enable New Orleans to host the 2011-2012 Super Bowl... I can't recall the specific year but its around there.

spkb25 05-20-2005 01:02 PM

good article.

blackwidows 05-21-2005 02:45 PM

I hate to say this but these are the kind of things that happen when you elect a woman into office for one. Secondly these are the kind of things that happen eventually when you depend on the state to fund your franchise. Why can't the Saints do something like the Packers and the whole stockmarket thing.

WhoDat 05-21-2005 03:00 PM


The fact is, without the Saints, we will have to find money to replace what we will lose. Losing the Saints will result in... a hole in the state budget that will be almost impossible to fill.

I'm no economist, but somehow I doubt Mike FOster did real well in math class.

Saints TOTAL gate receipts from last year: $33 Million (That's all of the money that Saints made on ticket sales.)

Average Sales per Store for some leading retailers:
Costco: $113.1 Million
Sams Club: $54.3 Million
Nordstrom: $48.8 Million
WalMart: $48.9 Million (non-Sams stores)
Home Depot: $44.9 Million

Hell, 6 more Barnes and Noble stores in the State would fill that "hole." So would ten Outback Steak houses. Yeah - the Saints are invaluable.

The Saints TOTAL Revenue was $157 Million. That's 1 new Costco and 1 new Home Depot in the State.

I'm not going to argue that the Saints are valuable to the State. I'm not suggesting that the State shouldn't try to keep the team there - but they should NOT buckle to the Saints' every demand. I also think it's ridiculous to play the "economic impact" card by claiming that there would be some huge drain on the LA economy if the Saints left. A few new retail stores would replace the Saints' economic impact. Let's just be realistic about the issue.

saintswhodi 05-21-2005 03:36 PM

So the guy who made the deal and then left office still likes the deal? Imagine that. Who woulda thought? And all this honring the deal foolishness makes me ill considering Benson had an original deal in 1985 that ran through 2006 which he renegotiated at least 3 times. That honor the deal stuff ain't flying cause Benson has not done the same.

Euphoria 05-21-2005 04:11 PM

But you aren't accounting the sales made by the stores selling Saints merchandise ? You also have to take into account Parking places making money, hotels benefit from the Saints being there, vendors. The Saints sure may make money but you have to take into account the buisness' that the team has created and benefit from the Saints being there. I don't think you can truely put a price tag on what the Saints do for New Orleans and the state. I do think there is a happy middle... The Saints asking for the sky... typical buisness move, State wants something for nothing... blah... let this all play out or harrass both sides to come to terms.
You can't do what GB has done because they have a rule now forbiddin such things from happeneing... The celtics and Packers are owned by shareholders. Since there has been rules but in place that won't allow a pro-team from doing that anymore.

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