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WhoDat 05-22-2005 12:27 PM

A solution at DT from NFLE??
Anybody think that the Saints should at least bring Lorn Mavers of the Berlin Thunder into camp? I do. This kid looks like he could be a long-term steal.

The guy is from the UK and never played football until he joined NFLE. He reported to camp at 6-4, 375. Amazingly, and unlikel any of our DTs, he's lost weight and is down to 325. What's more surprising - the guy is only 19 years old. Obviously, he's all kinds of raw, but what little I've seen of him he looks like a beast. He just blocked a FG from one spot over from the NT spot in today's game. And with our DTs, seriously, how could it hurt to sign this guy to a rookie, league min. contract and bring him into camp?

ScottyRo 05-22-2005 02:26 PM

RE: A solution at DT from NFLE??
Only 19? I'm not sure about the rules for NFLE, but he has to be three years removed from high school to play in the NFL, right? Isn't that basically Clarett's problem?

papz 05-22-2005 02:38 PM

RE: A solution at DT from NFLE??
I was watching that game also and was looking at one of their DT's... could he have been the one you are naming? Maybe, maybe not but I do but that guy did look impressive.

Glover made a name from NFLE and with that size I don't see why we couldn't give him a chance. Hey if Brock Lesner can get into a camp going from WWE to NFL, couldn't hurt to give Mavers a look. If he doesn't make the team, he could at least open some eyes and join our practice squad continuing to develop. Worst case... he gets cut. No harm done either way... at least we gave the guy a chance.

saintswhodi 05-22-2005 03:52 PM

Is this what it's come to? 19 year olds from NFLE who had a couple of good plays against some scrubs? Egads. Do those guys even see each other more than 2 weeks before the start of the NFLE season? If we are considering that, I have no confidence at all in any of our DTs. Maybe this guy can be brought in for practice squad if he is old enough? IF we want a DT, we need to take a serious look at that guy from USC who is gonna be in the supplemental draft.

Euphoria 05-22-2005 04:44 PM

Ya know this brings up an interesting point. He will be 20 on June 6th. He can't be on any NFL roster until 3 years removed from high school. The fact he is on a NFLE roster so at minimum he has one more year before eligible for the draft, until then no one can touch him. I thought for the most part NFLE league had basicially the same general rules as the NFL

papz 05-22-2005 06:55 PM

Come on sw... I don't think by bringing him in to camp would hurt anyone. Everyone has to start somewhere. And the NFLE has produce a couple of solid players that are playing in the NFL as we speak. It's just like bringing in another undrafted free agent... basically no risk involved. It's highly unlikely if he was brought into camp he would make the team anyways. It's just like buy a powerball ticket... 1 dollar 188 million dollar risk. You never know :)

From what I've been reading about Wright from most articles, he isn't worth more than a 3rd (highest) - 4th round pick. He hasn't held his workouts yet and really didn't get to play much when he was at USC. But it's too early to judge him because not many people have seen him play... so it's kind of hard to evaluate him.

As far as our DT's, I think Howard Green will only improve from last season and will continue to be a solid contributer. Now the spot opposite him is kind of scary. I don't think we saw the real Brian Young last season... hopefully he'll rebound and show the same type of motor he showed us in St. Louis. If our franchise has to depend on the development of Sullivan then I think we all might be in trouble. Hopefully like Green last year, someone will step up and surprise us this year. I think the Saints can only go as far as the frontline takes us.

saintswhodi 05-22-2005 07:19 PM

I agree with that papzy. But this guy is playing against the backup's backups. Anyone seen him more than this one game? I saw him today too but when they said never played football until he played for this NFLE team, he immediately left my mind. Like I said, if he is old enough, maybe practice squad. Maybe. But why waste the spot? If Green, Leisle, and Sully and that 7th rounder and Young can't get it done, I doubt this guy can. Maybe we can keep an eye on him for next year, but seriously, has anyone seen or heard of him before today?

And the guy from USC, Wright is it, I heard was a beast. At least that's what they said when it was decided he was gonna go in the supplemental. I sure hope we spend a pick on him, he has at least played football before.

Euphoria 05-22-2005 10:23 PM

also... he has a year maybe 2 before he can enter the draft

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