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duece4pres 05-22-2005 12:31 PM

For the 2005 season, here are my player predictions:

Deuce-1800 all-purpose yds., 17 tds

Horn-1200 yds, 14 tds,

Henderson and Stallworth finally show up to free up Horn and get 800 yds each and 10 tds between them

Shad Mier has a career year with 600 yds and 5 tds

Brooks, feeling the pressure from McPherson(spell check), throws for 4200 yds and 36 tds against only 9 int's. He only fumbles 7 times. (No, I'm not under the influence of any alchohol or drugs) :lol:

Feel free to tee off!

WhoDat 05-22-2005 12:55 PM

WAY to early for this, but I think offensive production should be down a little. Here are my predictions on that side of the ball.

AB: Throws for 3,427 yards and 22 TDs with 13 INTs and a completion percentage of 57.6% (QB rating of 82ish to 85ish). Fumbles 11 times, but only loses 5. Rushes for 238 yards.

Joe Horn: catches 86 passes for 1263 yards. Has 9 TDs. Returns to the Pro Bowl, despite knee and leg problems that keep him out of 3/4 of one game, and render him highly unproductive in another one. Ends the year 4th or 5th in WR in the NFC, just inside the top ten in the league, but returns to the Pro Bowl b/c he attracts attention with more antics.

Deuce: Rushes for 1541 yards and 11 TDs with a 3.8 yard per carry average. Is towards the top of the NFL in rushing until week 10 when he sprains an ankle. Comes back in week 12, but isn't really himself again until week 15. Also has 389 yards receiving and 2 TDs on screens.

A. Smith: Rushes for 319 yards an 3 TDs in relief of Deuce and during the games while Deuce is injured. Has 130 yards receiving also.

A Stecker: Has only 97 yards rushing on the season on 35 carries, but has 305 yards receiving and 3 TDs.

Stallworth: Has 47 receptions for 764 yards. Leads the team in 20+ yard receptions. Has 7 TDs, 4 of 30 or more yards. Plays inconsistently and is nagged by injuries. Looks like an all-pro one week, doesn't catch a pass and has to leave the game for one injury or another the next. Continues his up/down routine with the Saints.

Devery Henderson: Catches 22 passes for 300 yards. Drops nearly as many as he catches. Has two TDs, both on bombs. Otherwise, does very little. Struggles to see the field and is very inconsistent.

TEs: Shad Meier is the only one with consistent hands. All others drop as many passes as the catch. Shad emerges as the best TE the team has, but none prove to be consistent and impressive starters. All combine for 500 yards receiving and only 2 TDs.

Karney: Goes to the Pro Bowl as an alternate at FB. Carries only 5 times for 21 yards. However, he catches 18 passes for more than 130 something yards all on key plays to keep drives alive. Becomes known in New Orleans as Mr. Third Down for his key 3rd down catches and runs in the flats, and for blowing up LBs on short yardage to open holes for Deuce. Makes a poster out of Ed Hartwell by flat backing him on a toss sprint to Deuce on 3rd and goal from the 1.5 yard line in the 4th quarter of the MNF game against the Falcons in December. Saints win due to his key block.

jnormand 05-26-2005 02:32 AM

Both predictions would be nice to see. Personally I have no idea what this team will do. I hope one of you guys are right. But what about playoffs....Super Bowl?

WhoDat 05-26-2005 07:48 AM

I know that the Vegas crew will put the Saints' odds for the SB at something like 40:1. I'd say more like 40,000:1. However, I'd put their playoff chances at 3:1.

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