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biloxi-indian 05-23-2005 09:09 AM

One persons observations....
I'M NO EXPERT, BUT: Some observations from Coaching Sessions this week: While I am admittedly an untrained eye, rookie safety Josh Bullocks looks like he could give Lewis or Donte' Stallworth a run for their money in a footrace. The second rounder from Nebraska is F-A-S-T...Another safety, Dwight Smith looks like the playmaker the Saints envisioned upon signing him as a free agent from Tampa Bay. Though the team is just in shorts and helmets at this point, Smith just "looks the part" and is so versatile that it wouldn't shock me to see him get a little time at cornerback...Tight end should be an interesting position battle in training camp. With Ernie Conwell, Boo Williams, Lamont Hall and Zack Hilton returning, and new free agent signee Shad Meier added to the mix, the position has come a long way in the five seasons that I have worked for the Saints. My first season we had guys like Dave Stachelski make the active roster at tight end. No knock on Dave, but we have a five-way battle going on right now that's as deep and diverse as any I've seen...I don't handle weigh-ins, but several guys look to have really worked on their bodies this offseason. Charles Grant seems even more barrel-chested than in past years, and Jon Stinchcomb also looks more muscular -- must be a University of Georgia thing. Rodney Leisle, on the other hand, looks more slim and fit than he did in his rookie season a year ago -- perhaps he's ready to compete for more time at defensive tackle this season. If Leisle keeps it up, he may not live to the "Swoll Daddy" moniker he has hung on himself since arriving from UCLA.

--Paul Corliss

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