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frankeefrank 05-25-2005 07:28 PM

A Question for Football Fans
What is our place in all the recent Stadium/Teams moving news?

When watching a hostage situation on the local news, often I feel helpless. Because I am sitting at home, unable to help in anyway. Just waiting for the scenario to play out.
Upon reading the dozens of articles, and posts regarding the threat of The Saints moving out of New Orleans. I feel the same way.
While the response and coverage is to be applauded. The topic still leaves me asking, 'what is MY place in all this?'
What is my place in an NFL stadium hostage situation?

Being a 28-year old Saints fan in Colorado, It's unthinkable for me to be a season ticket holder. That being said, my track record (without a doubt) shows I am a franchise supporter.
Each year since 2000, I have bought no less than one hat and shirt; and purchased tickets to no less than one game. (the weekend trip to NO is amazing)
That being said, like the last kid in the T-Ball lineup... I feel worthless. Sure I'll get a turn at bat... But by then it'll be too little, too late.

Just today, I read where the Kansas City Chiefs dropped hints that they might leave Arrowhead if a new (highly one-sided) stadium revenue generating plan can't be agreed on.

(Heck Minnesota just put to bed the rumors they might leave Tuesday. And only after selling the team and re-opening talks with the state about their own new stadium)

Upon reading of the negotiation impasse of my own team, (the Saints)My "estranged" feeling has only grown.
Though I hate to say it, the League is to blame...
(Not just Tom Benson or the state of LA)
What type of business asks their constituents or employees to pay so the company will make more money?
It would be like WalMart demanding their workers and customers to buy new bathrooms... Yet it's the employees and customers fault if it doens't get done. Heck 'Ol Sam' has an offer from (insert city name here) to buy him bathrooms with automatic toilets.

The straw that broke this camel's back, (at least today) came from my boss today. Knowing that I bleed Black and Old Gold, and that he could get a rise out of me... He brought up the Saints situation.
"What do you think?" he asked.
"Doesn't look good," I said.
"Why should it? I hear the team's only sold 25,000 tickets so far." he said.
My answer:
It was as if he asked me for the name of the first girl I kissed, then punched me in the stomach.
All I could muster was, "Uhh, well maybe not making the playoffs for four straight years and threatening to move hurts ticket sales."
Normally I would have come up with something snappier, but sadly all I had was that.
How did we get to this point?
I've seen the dome full to the rafters. When the team had no chance at the post season. Heck I was in the stands. I know the tickets will get sold.
But all my boss knew was New Orleans doesn't really support it's team.
That's when I realized, the NFL is winning. Fans like me are a "dime a dozen", and only have a "dozen dimes." Not the big bucks that come with a new stadium.

What Can I do? What can any of us do?
I know I am not alone. (or shouldn't be)

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